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5 Simple Car Tips to Improve Mileage

Everyone is upset about the rising cost of gasoline. However, very few people contribute to the conservation of important resources. While few people consider buying new cars that use alternative energy sources, even fewer consider strategies to increase the mileage of their older cars. This article is for those who believe it is impossible to improve the fuel efficiency of a new or used car. Read on for 5 simple car-mileage-improvement ideas.

1. Do You Run Your Engine While It Is Idling?

You've probably heard a hundred times to save gasoline and keep your car motor running when parked. However, if you know you won't be waiting more than 30 seconds, it's better to have the engine running rather than idle. The reason for this is that when the engine is restarted, its fuel consumption is higher than while it is running without acceleration. Second, isn't a functioning engine more efficient than one that has just been turned on?

2. Constant Speed Aids in Fuel Saving

Make use of the cruise control feature if your vehicle has one. When you travel at a steady pace, your car can return up to 14% greater fuel efficiency. Changing the speed from time to time, on the other hand, might shorten the life of your engine and consume more gasoline. So, wherever feasible, travel at consistent speeds to reduce your new car's fuel use.

3. Is Your car Aerodynamic?

When buying a new car, the salesman may have enticed you into purchasing features that aren't actually necessary for regular driving. If you're a casual camper, accessories like rooftop carriers, mosquito shields, and baggage and ski racks will come in handy. You may also have an advantage if the idea of going on a camp is unexpectedly proposed and you would not otherwise have enough time to prepare. The extras, on the other hand, will reduce your car's fuel economy and increase your overall driving costs. You might save a lot of money and significantly reduce drag by not using the extra carriers and racks. Drive wisely and cheaply.

4. Time and fuel are saved by using shorter routes.

As previously said, maintaining a constant pace can help you conserve fuel. So, instead of driving on congested highways, try using other short routes that would save you fuel and time.

5. Do Not Overload Your car

Most of the time, the car trunk stores items for months at a time. The added weight in your car might reduce fuel economy. Simply getting rid of the clutter in the trunk will greatly increase your car's mileage.

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