6 Best things to do in Athens
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6 Best things to do in Athens

Making a choice might be difficult since there are so many fun things to do in Athens. Known for its wonderful cuisine and rich history, Athens is a famous travel destination. Nevertheless, despite all of this, many visitors just stay in Athens for a day or two before departing for one of the Greek Islands.

No matter how lengthy your trip to Athens is, this list will assist you in making travel-related decisions. This is undoubtedly among the top things to do in Athens. I've been there twice and like the place.

Visit the Cycladic Art Museum

One of the largest private collections of Cycladic art may be seen in the Museum of Cycladic Art. If you are traveling to Greece but won't be stopping at any of the Cycladic islands, this is a fantastic sight to behold.
The majority of the antiques on show, including as bottles, dishes, and standards, are made of marble. There are also some metal items. The marble pieces are beautiful in their simplicity since they are mostly white.

A look at the Changing of the Guard

One of the top things to do in Athens is this. You must be in Athens on a Sunday if you want to see this weekly event. The Parliament Building in Syntagma is the location of the Changing of the Guard. It starts at 11:00 and is open to the public.

While the guards do rotate every hour, the ritual is more elaborate and there are more guards on duty on Sundays at 11:00 than normal. They also wear the traditional Greek uniform.

In Athens, Sundays are the ideal day to see the changing of the guard. They are really extremely skilled troops known as the Evezone, despite their rather peculiar appearance. One of the finest free activities in Athens is this.

Consume loukamades

A Greek treat is a loukoumade. It is a little puff pastry that has been covered with cinnamon sugar and honey. I've also eaten one with sesame seeds. They taste great.

The appropriately called Lukumades is the greatest location in Athens to purchase loukoumades. You may have a doughnut for dessert after eating your kebab since O Thanasis is not far away.

Consume the best souvlaki and yogurtlu

One of the most well-liked restaurants in Plaka is O Thanasis. Even Greeks dine here since it is so well-known. The Yogurtlu, a beef kebab coated in yogurt served on a bed of pita bread, is the greatest dish to eat.

You may share the Yogurtlu with someone else and it will only cost you around €10. The staff at O Thanasis is kind and non-pushy. One of the greatest souvlakis in town is also available.

Visit the Poseidon Temple

The magnificent antique temple was constructed in the fifth century and is located by the Aegean Sea. The temple's inscription attests to its construction for Poseidon.

Try to get here either at sunrise or at dusk. On clear days, one may sometimes view a number of islands from the temple.

Since it is 70 kilometers south of Athens, this may technically be done in one day. The Mavromateon Terminal and Syntagma Square both have buses that leave from Athens. Look for the Sounio-bound bus. The one-way bus price is €6.90.

Have gyros

You must have a traditional gyro when in Athens. They are almost ubiquitous, and it may be enjoyable to search for the greatest one. One of the finest things to do in Athens for foodies is to look for your favorite gyro.

The gyro is a soft pita sandwich stuffed with chicken or lamb, fries, onions, and tomatoes. On occasion, you might have them served open-faced. They are rather substantial, so if you've been walking a lot, this is the dinner for you.

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