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Adnan Syafi'i, Digital Marketing Enthusiast at | WiseIntro Portfolio







Adnan Syafi'i, Digital Marketing Enthusiast at | WiseIntro Portfolio

Adnan Syafi'i

Digital Marketing Enthusiast

Hello, my name is Adnan Syafi’i. Yo can call me Adnan.

I was born in Jambi, Indonesia. When I was one year old, my parents decided to stay in Jakarta.

I was the first child of four siblings, and my parents have been spending a lot of money to finance our education. So, when I was a student at a university, I decided to learn to work to finance my education by myself.

I cannot finish my study on time, and I need seven years to get my bachelor’s degree in Tarjamah. I started studying at a university in the middle of 2008 and completed it in August 2015.

Studying at a university more four years, and getting no job that appropriates in my field of education, it means I am a stupid. I realize it very well. That is my weakness. But, I also realize that I have strength. It is a willingness to learn, especially to learn what I love.

I have been loving writing since I was a young. So, I decided to get the career in writing. I got my first job in the field that I love as a content writer and social media specialist in October 2012 in an Islamic foundation in Jakarta.

As time goes by, I found myself not only enjoying writing but also digital marketing and whatever that relates to it.

So, since 2012 until now I have been working in several companies and foundations in the field of writing and digital marketing.

Currently, I work for a company as a Digital Marketer. Here I craft digital marketing strategies and execute it to achieve the company’s targets.

My core skills are Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To know more about me, please visit my personal blog at

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