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AireSpring is a B2B telecommunications, nationwide network operator and managed services provider (MSP) that does business across the United States from its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles. In addition to offering reliable, high-quality cloud connectivity, AireSpring is fully equipped to manage comprehensive IT networks, offer wholesale long-distance telephone service, and leverage network-to-network interconnections with over 16 carriers. It currently processes more than 30 billion calls on an annual basis across its nationwide IP network. Over the years, AireSpring has garnered more than 70 major industry honors, including a sweep of nine categories at the Telecom Association’s 2015-2016 Partner Choice Awards.

AireSpring owes a great deal of its success to its top administrators, chief executive officer (CEO) Avi Lonstein and chief operating officer (COO) Daniel Lonstein. Before joining forces to establish AireSpring more than 16 years ago, the pair served as co-founding president and COO of ADDTEL, respectively. Under their direction, ADDTEL rapidly grew to become one of the most distinguished resellers in the nation.

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