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Ajoy Kapila

Electrical Engineer and Classic Car Aficionado Ajoy Kapila

MillerCoors LLC

Electrical engineer and project management professional Ajoy Kapila serves as a Senior Corporate Optimization Engineer for MillerCoors, LLC, in Milwaukee. In this role, Ajoy Kapila uses his engineering savvy to optimize the leading beverage company's supply chain packaging operations.

Ajoy Kapila prepared for his career by attaining multiple electrical engineering degrees. He holds a BS from the University of Evansville in Indiana and an MS in the same field from Purdue University. Ajoy Kapila also holds am MS in IT management, which he completed at Colorado Technical University.

Outside of his ample professional responsibilities, the engineer is a Formula One fan and car lover. When he is not following the Formula One racing circuit, Ajoy Kapila can often be found modifying his 1967 Ford Mustang. Some of his improvements to this classic car include using a Motec microprocessor to control two sets of eight fuel injectors to optimize engine performance. He has also used components from the 2015 Mustang line to improve braking function and parts from a 1970 Mustang to increase fuel capacity. He continues to work on this project car in his spare time, using his engineering skills to create the ultimate classic car.

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