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Andrew Darlow, Photographer, Author & Coach at Andrew Darlow Images Intl. LLC | WiseIntro Portfolio

Andrew Darlow

Photographer, Author & Coach

Andrew Darlow Images Intl. LLC

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Welcome! (mobile users may find horizontal viewing a better experience). For over 25 years I have consulted, written and taught on the topics of digital photography, workflow, image backup, printing and color management for individuals and corporations.

My Backstory... I was born in suburban New Jersey, USA, and from a very young age I was fascinated by new places. I was fortunate to have been brought along on a number of family trips–from the black sand beaches of the Big Island of Hawaii, to the coast of California, to Niagara Falls. All along the way, my dad was taking pictures (mostly on 35mm slide film), which we sometimes got around to projecting onto a roll-up projection screen with its squeaky tripod legs. Seeing those images in a darkened room was like magic to me, and those experiences greatly influenced my decision to become a photographer for both the newspaper and yearbook at my high school and college. At age 18, before I headed off to college, I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to live with a family in Nara, Japan for about eight weeks. So much of what I was seeing was new to my eyes, from Buddhist temples, to amazing new foods, to tatami mats inside of my homestay family's home. The experience changed my life, and the 50+ rolls of photographs I brought back proved to me how powerful photography can be (especially when I put the 4x6 glossy prints into albums).

After that trip, I returned to Japan three more times (once for nearly a year during college). Living in Japan and experiencing the culture and architecture further influenced me in so many ways. It also helped me to decide to study and travel in Europe for four months after graduating from college. By that time (at age 21), I was absolutely hooked on photography, and a short time later, I decided to make it my profession. Specifically, I did that as a photographer for a company in New York City. There, I photographed projects for a wide range of major brands, including The Body Shop, Brooks Brothers and Tourneau watches. And it was there that I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop (truly a game-changing moment in my life!).

Fast forward a few years, and I had the honor of serving as Editorial Director of Digital Imaging Techniques (a printed color glossy magazine), where I wrote and edited numerous articles and reviews on the topics of digital and fine-art photography, inkjet printing, and Photoshop techniques. I've also conducted seminars across the United States at photo-related conferences including the Arles Photo Festival (Arles, France) and the PhotoPlus Expo (New York City), and have lectured and/or taught at institutions including Columbia University and the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York City. My photography has been exhibited in numerous group and solo shows, and my work has been included in many publications, websites, books and TV programs, including Animal Planet, People Magazine, and WWOR radio.

I'm the editor and founder of The Imaging Buffet Digital Magazine, and I publish a Photo Tips Newsletter, which includes tips and techniques related to fine-art printing and digital imaging. I also invented a product called the GalleryPouch™ custom bubble bag (that's me demonstrating it below).

I came up with the idea for GalleryPouch™ bags when I needed a custom bag for my large canvas prints. They are made by hand, one by one, in Dallas, TX by You can find out more about them here.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

All the best,

Andrew Darlow

P.S. I also welcome you to join any of our Meetup Groups listed below if you would like to be invited to attend other events like photo walks, workshops, etc. in the future. Some events are virtual (not just in the metro New York City area).

• The Art of Photography, Photoshop and Lightroom

• New Jersey Nature, Landscape and Wildlife Photographers

• NY-NJ Photoshoot Club

To receive a 25 page sample from my newest book, Focus and Filter, visit this page, or fill in the form on this page.

E-mail: I welcome you to email me at adarlow (at) or via the contact form on my photo tips blog HERE

And to learn simple, powerful strategies for protecting your photos, videos and other data, check out my new podcast all about Backing up your Mac, on


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