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Karl Anthony Simon PA-C, Physician Assistant at Texas Medical Board | WiseIntro Portfolio

Karl Anthony Simon PA-C

Physician Assistant

Texas Medical Board

Dr. Karl Anthony Simon PA-C is a licensed primary care provider with a specialty as a Physician Assistant. Based in Houston, TX, he performed his duties in emergency medicine at several firms.

He completed his master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Texas Medical branch in 2009. Then moved to his professional life first in Fondren Orthopedic Group/Oakland Medical Group then keep on progressing and lead a team of Ageless Men’s Health at Memorial City and Sugar Land, Texas.

Being a professional, he also likes outdoor activities such as traveling, fishing, duck hunting, geese hunting, and many more.

He has traveled around the world like Panama, Costa Rica, Riviera Maya Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, and many more. Karl Simon wants his kids to bring to fishing because he loves this activity. Recently turned back to Houston to treat the patients of COVID-19.

At the Coon Emergency Memorial Department, Karl Anthony Simon PA-C has supported diverse rural communities as the sole emergency service provider. Anthony supplied a variety of diagnostic and treatment facilities with newborns to geriatric patients. He also coordinated transfers of high-acuity patients between hospitals.

The Emergency Health Team – Anthony served in a variety of emergency departments as a staff provider. He was responsible for interpreting medical imaging and laboratory findings and conducting operations such as laceration reparations, splinting and fracture reduction.

Karl Simon worked at Ageless Men's Health. Ageless's part-time support provider, Karl Simon. He is in charge of testing both new and current patients. Diagnostic and treatment plans are developed and treatments are administered, including testosterone replacement therapies, IM and phlebotomy.

As part of health care teams, PAs are taking medical records, testing and treating patients, making diagnosis, ordering and translating drugs for laboratory and imaging, referring to specialists, assisting with operations, advising the patients and carrying out minor treatments. PAs work in a vast range of specialties and environments. PAs also have many first-aid patients who have been looking after themselves for many years and never see the supervisor. However a PA can consult a physicist or even order the health care provider to take care beyond the reach of the PA's practice and training for more complex patients, says Karl Anthony Simon PA-C. View his official NPI profile here.

Medical assistants' career progression is swift and fluid. It will be accompanied by those who take their training in the area of renewed skills. As medical assistant teachers and trainer, younger physicians, career development is also accelerated. Under medical instruction, new doctors learn. Simply put, a medical assistant's training and training cater to his profession.


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