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Bill Schantz

Finance Executive Committed to Philanthropy

Mid Atlantic Financial, LLC

A graduate of Villanova University, Bill Schantz balances a busy career as a finance executive with a commitment to philanthropic initiatives. His many charitable contributions include a recent $10,000 gift to Noelle’s Light, a nonprofit group that supports families during life-threatening pregnancies. Bill and Phyllis Schantz maintain a very active role in their church, and recently made a $300,000 gift to support the initiative "Faith to Move Mountains".

Since 1988, Bill Schantz has led New Jersey-based Mid Atlantic Financial, LLC, an umbrella company that operates Bedrock Capital Group, Harper Financial, and Senior Settlements. Over the years, these firms have originated assets for major investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns and Deutsche Bank. Additionally, Mr. Schantz has structured private offerings consisting of Life Settlement assets so the retail investor can also take advantage of this non correlated asset class. Today more than ever before investors can benefit from fixed returns with no volatility.

Mr. Schantz also stands out as a pioneer in the finance field. As the head of Senior Settlements, LLC, he introduced the world to life settlements as an asset class when he partnered with investment bank Bear Stearns on a $150 million transaction.

Outside of his philanthropic and business pursuits, Mr. Schantz enjoys woodworking and golfing in his spare time. His favorite hobby is playing with his grandchildren. A lifelong athlete, he is a member of his high school’s athletic hall of fame.

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  • address Moorestown, NJ, US
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