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I’ve reviewed a number of tutorials, and having come across this iPhone App Development Tutorial, decided it was only fair to write a review, providing insight for other aspiring App Developers.

This unbiased review will look at the good points and bad points of this iPhone App Development Tutorial, so if that’s something you don’t want to know, then please leave now.

I never used to purchase eBooks, believing them to be a waste of money and just getting apps free on itunes, just regurgitating the same information but with a different title and cover. I now accept this was probably a little unfair, realising that some publishers either choose not to, or can’t get their books published through publishing houses. Having purchased ‘iPhone App Development for Dummies’ (paying good money may I add), I struggled to follow the guide (proving I’m a dummy I suppose), and often had questions that just couldn’t be answered. So I decided to give eBook authors a break and look for a suitable iPhone App Development Tutorial.

Each lesson (and there’s 14 of them) comes with a video. Depending on the topic, you will see a Keynote presentation of the technology being discussed and/or a real world demo of the technique being used. These key points are supplemented with text notes and graphics, which helps to understand in more detail. An exercise is included with each lesson, providing the actual source code used in the demonstrations, helping to reinforce the topic while also introducing you to more advanced techniques. This enables you to get hands-on with the code so you really do understand what you’ve just seen and/or read. Using this method that this iPhone App Development Tutorial provides, you will have made Apps that so all the things you want them to do.

Another neat addition to this iPhone App Development Tutorial is the inclusion of extra credit links at the end of each lesson which provides official documentation, relevant articles and advanced topics.

But the winner for me was a dedicated discussions board for each lesson, which you can use to ask questions, provide answers or discuss the topic in greater details. This is a fantastic idea for any new App developer to have at their disposal and not one I’ve seen in any other iPhone App Development Tutorial.

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