Can you give dogs homemade dog food
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Can you give dogs homemade dog food?

Providing your dogs with proper nutrition can be tricky. You must know the proper way to provide all the nutrition and you have to choose the best meals for your dog. While there is a lot of dog food available commercially, can you go with homemade foods?

It is not a condition that you have to serve your dog only commercial dog foods. Rather you can give homemade food too. In this article, we shall discuss whether it is safe to provide homemade food for dogs and what are things to avoid.

Can you give dogs homemade dog food?

Yes, you can provide your dog with homemade dog food. But there are some things you have to consider and avoid when cooking for your dog. So, here are the things you must observe when preparing dog food in your home.

Get Recipes from Experts

Do not take advice from untrusted sources while preparing dog food in your home. You should get the proper recipe from experts and try to stick to the recipe.

Never try to include your innovations in the recipe or add anything on your own. Because you don’t know what will upset your dog’s stomach and it can lead to other health implications.

Also, if you don’t follow a proper recipe, you can prepare a meal with a nutrition deficiency. So, always try to prepare dog food from trusted sources and stick to the recipe recommended by them.

Try to Prepare Balanced Meals

Dogs must be served complete nutrition with every meal they take. You can provide complete holistic meals by preparing a balanced diet. When preparing dog food, try to make the meal as balanced as possible. Every dog needs around 40 essential nutrients. So, try to make the food complete and wholesome.

Avoid Unhealthy Ingredients

Many food items are toxic to the dog’s health and you should completely avoid them in your homemade food. For example, you cannot give chocolate, avocado, raisins, onions, garlic, etc. With every meal, you have to make sure to avoid all these and there are many items on that list. You can consult your doctor regarding what to give and what not to.

Don’t suddenly shift to homemade food

Like humans, dogs cannot stomach any sudden change to their diet. It impacts their health severely and you may find them to avert the food for a few days. So, try to bring small changes initially and then gradually shift to homemade food.


These are the things you should consider when preparing meals for your puppy at home. You must follow all these guidelines to avoid any nutritional deficiency. Try to provide complete nutrition every time you give a meal to your dog without fail.

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