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Quality custom printed boxes

Everything related to mankind's use needs proper safety, and this is can only be done by proper packaging. For making fame, money and business for a brand among other competitor’s in the market is a quite tough job. Everyone is struggling in a marathon race of business for coming at first, therefore they all are searching new techniques and tricks for promoting their brand’s products.

Quality Packaging in the form of custom print boxes is a way for supporting their products. These boxes are made of tough and corrugated cardboard material to provide safety and zero damage to the product while handling, storing and shipping. These printed boxes can be used for these purposes described below:

Product boxes

Product boxes are usually used for displaying and storing a single product. These boxes are made of good quality cardboard material which is printed by both sides having matt, glossy, floral, silver, and gold foiling, UV spotted finish. On the boxes, all details about the product and its manufacturer were printed for satisfying the customers. These product packaging boxes can also be used directly to gift someone special.

2-Mailer Boxes

White and brown corrugated cardboard material is used for making a mailing box. These boxes are full color printed and used for storing several product boxes inside it. The main purpose of these boxes is e-commerce delivery.

3-Shipping boxes

These boxes are also manufactured by the same material as mailer boxes but these boxes are used for shipping. There is a large number of space in these boxes for keeping product packaging and for delivering them around the world.

There are some questions on how to make these custom boxes more attractive? How these boxes can be designed and print?

Printing Boxes and types

Printing Packaging Boxes are very important for the product. A customer can never be attracted towards the product without an amazing printed packaging. Different sizes and shapes of boxes having window panes and colorful, attractive designs help to promote your business for earning fame in the market. Customizing feature helps the manufacturer to custom their boxes according to their product size. Brand's name, logo, precautions, ingredients, and all other details related to the product printed on the box for the guideline of consumers.

There are many methods for printing these boxes but three of them are shortly described below.

1-Flexographic Printing

In this printing technique, a large number of batches can be print because of its mechanism procedure.

2-Digital Printing

This printing technique is used for completing a small number of orders and it is some costly than flexo printing.

3-Lithographic Printing

Lithographic printing is a very high definition and superior quality printing like landscapes, wallpapers prints, etc. Its cost is much high than other printing techniques because of its standard work. 

Eco-friendly Packaging

A clean environment is very important for our ecosystem. A big reason for waste is bad and the worst material used for packaging of the products because such materials cannot be recycled. Bad packaging also affects the brand’s impression and its business in the market. Science is developing at incredible speed as a result, eco-friendly packaging can take care of almost a wide range of products in the market. Monday's child, Sheyn, Slopes, and Towns, and many other international brands are using such biodegradable materials for their packaging, which can be reused. In this modern period, consumers are focusing on such brands whose packaging is classical, attractive, and ecofriendly. Visit here 

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