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Eric Schaer, Chairman at Omni World Holdings | WiseIntro Portfolio

Eric Schaer


Omni World Holdings

Eric Schaer is an executive based in Azerbaijan and the Chairman of Omni World Holdings, a pioneer of investment solutions in the CIS and GCC states in areas of natural resources, tourism and finance.

Eric’s career spans more than 20 years and encompasses an extensive checklist of experience ranging from international finance and private investment to specific expertise in structured finance. He has advised on over EUR$2 billion worth of transactions and led investments in the areas of natural resources, fintech, and education. Eric has worked throughout China, SE Asia, GCC, CIS, and East Africa.

Eric Schaer has experience in assisting with the development, revitalization, and management of next generation technology firms, with a special interest and skill in turnarounds of distressed businesses.

He also served as a Director of a leading private investment and consulting firm specializing in financing and acquisitions of software services and development firms, and both domestic and “near-shore” technology outsourcing businesses.

Additionally, Eric Schaer was the founder of a technical consulting firm that provided professional services to the private and military sectors throughout the US, Latin America, and Europe. It was later sold to a private investment group based in Greenwich, CT for whom he subsequently worked in various management positions.

Eric is fluent in English and Spanish.

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