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Gary Ng

Gary Ng is an investor and entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of creating, buying, building and selling businesses.

In his current role as Chairman and Founder of NG Group in Toronto, Gary is focused on restructuring private financial firms, concentrating on equity, commodities, debt and trading. His investment interests are in the areas of technology, finance, real estate, consumer goods, art, exotic vehicles, among others.

Gary worked in the telecommunications industry during the dot com boom. He followed this experience by investing in vertically integrated contract manufacturing firms that were eventually sold as a whole.

In 2008, he started a new career as a commodities trader. He used his experience while navigating the financial crisis to build big short bets, which in turn made millions of dollars for him and his clients.

Today, Gary has been concentrating on entrepreneurship and building businesses under the philosophy “identifying everyday problems, creating an innovative solution, and then selling the solution.”

Having served in the military, Gary is a proud supporter of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles, The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada, St. John Ambulance and other veterans affairs initiatives.

Gary Ng is proud resident of Winnipeg and enjoys giving back to his local community.

In his spare time, Gary likes to write and study history.

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