How can I make my Cane Corso's rear legs stronger?
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How can I make my Cane Corso's rear legs stronger?

It makes sense to focus specialized workouts on your dog's rear legs and core. By enhancing your dog's performance, coordination, and posture, you may stop hip dysplasia in its early stages.
Ali's rear legs and core are a little bit uncoordinated. She often sits on one side or gets up quickly from a sitting position. I'm getting a head start on certain workouts that will shield her against soft tissue injuries and osteoarthritis-related problems.

Strengthening the dog's rear legs and core offers several advantages. Active athletic dogs or dogs with long backs, like dachshunds or corgis, need a strong core to assist avoid injury.

Using two legs to move:

A healthy cane corso puppy will leap or stand up straight on its hind legs for his preferred rewards. Luring your dog up will help him stand. Don't give him a reward if he has a tendency to leap until his hind legs are on the ground. After working on it for a few sessions, give it a name, such as "walk." Build up slowly, encouraging him to move forward and back.

Sit elegantly

1. Position your cane corso puppy so that they are facing the wall.
2. Hand him his preferred reward, place it up to his nose, and then take it away.
3 Mark it with a yes or a good boy as soon as he stands up using only his front legs, then give him a treat.
4. Continue until he repeats it frequently, at which point you may try to increase your endurance and range.


1. Backing

Make your cane corso puppy stand up between two seats, then call him back and approach.

Mark his first or second step with a good boy or clicker. reward him for it. Continue until he regularly takes three or four steps.

2. Reversing on a wooden board

Place a sturdy wood board on the floor after you have a backup plan in place. Put him back up on the board's top.

3. Ascending

To begin, lay a board on the ground next to a wall and persuade your cane corso puppy to jump up onto it. Start raising the wall after your cane corso puppy has successfully backed over it. You may either use your feet to hold the wall in place while luring your dog away from it, or you can tuck something under the wall to raise the side that is adjacent to the wall.

In this phase, it's crucial to treat your dog with extreme gentleness and to keep in mind that it could be frightening for him, so be patient. If he seems terrified, step backwards a little. He will need some time to climb up backwards while holding the square board against the wall.
Add a phrase to your trick after your dog has backed up with the wood board all the way up, and then gradually go to the real wall. Work a few feet away from the wall after that so he can do the handstand without it.

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