How Much Does PCB Reverse Engineering Cost
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How Much Does PCB Reverse Engineering Cost?

Factors affecting the cost of PCB reverse engineering:

1.PCB board size:

Size mainly affects the workload of PCB reverse engineering, PCB reverse engineering process is an essential link: polishing PCB board, the larger the board, the more difficult to polish, the more time, and wear the probability of the original PCB board is greater, so the size is larger. PCB reverse engineering costs will be higher.

2. PCB layers:

The number of PCB layers mainly affects the difficulty of PCB reverse engineering. The more the number of plate layers, and the existence of various buried holes and blind holes. It not only affects the speed of PCB copy board. It also increases the difficulty of PCB reverse engineering drawing. Therefore, the higher the number of PCB layers, the higher the cost of PCB reverse engineering.

3. PCB solder joints:

The number of PCB solder joints is related to the density of the device. Remove the board and polish the PCB board. The amount of work and difficulty of copying lines and so on have an impact. The more solder joints, the higher PCB copy board cost.

4.PCB copy board file requirements:

PCB copy board generally has three kinds of files: pcb file, bom list, PCB schematic diagram. The customer does not necessarily need these three files every time the PCB is copied.

Correspondingly, the less documentation requirements, the lower PCB reverse engineering costs. If there is a chip that needs decryption program on the PCB board, a certain chip decryption fee is generally required. PCB copy service providers usually have these files and tools with them and you don’t need to worry about it.

How to save PCB reverse engineering cost?

PCB reverse engineering companies are often able to provide purchasing materials. Make and debug prototype and subsequent batch PCBA processing and production. If you choose one-stop PCB reverse engineering proofing service, the price will also have a great discount, and even the cost of PCB copy board can be reduced.

How is the PCB reverse engineering cost quoted?

Generally, PCB reverse engineering quotation only needs the customer to provide the original PCB board size and the number of board layers. Clear picture on both sides and PCB copy board project. According to these contents, PCB copy board company provides rough quotation, customers can make a reference and make a decision whether to cooperate.

Detailed PCB reverse engineering quotation is required through the physical board. After understanding the detailed information such as the number of plates, the quotation is generally not much different from the previous reference quotation cost.

Choose to cooperate with the PCB reverse engineering company, and try to determine the price of the PCB copy board before cooperation. The purpose of the PCB copy board must be clear. Avoid some unnecessary documents and fees.

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