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How to Keep Your Vape Devices Clean | WiseIntro Portfolio







How to Keep Your Vape Devices Clean | WiseIntro Portfolio

How to Keep Your Vape Devices Clean

You may be using vape devices either to enjoy CBD or any other e-liquid. Before using, you need to make sure that it is working properly. So, the best method to ensure that it is working properly will be to do proper cleaning of your vaping device. 

Once you have purchased your vape pen, you must know how to disassemble it properly and again assemble it back, which is very important as you will need to do it to ensure it is thoroughly clean. 

After taking apart your pen, you must put the battery to one side and then clean the coil or heating element, which is generally found in the majority of vape pens. Always a  quick rinse may not be the best, but instead, you can use cleaning alcohol and also a cotton swab.

The same also applies to your mouthpiece but you can just give that just a quick rub by using a wet cloth. If you use your vape device for vaping CBD then you can get your CBD vape oil online from the website of JustCbdStore. However, if you are a non-vaper, then you could also choose to buy CBD gummies from this authentic store. You can also find out how many CBD gummies should I eat by visiting their website. 

How to Clean your vape tank?

Whenever we want to vape, we would like to get maximum flavor while buying new e-liquids, but we often end up making the big mistake of putting certain new flavors in the tanks, and still, we continue to get the previous flavor of the e-liquid that we have used last. 

If you want to avoid such things then a regular cleaning of your vape tank is always recommended. Usually, just a very simple rinse will also be good enough, but at the same time every now and then, proper cleaning of your vape tank by using alcohol will also be very much necessary.

The simple rinse method:

  • Fill your bowl with warm water.

  • Next, you must detach the tank from mod.

  • Now dispose of any e-liquid that may be remaining inside the tank

  • Next, you need to disassemble your tank completely.

  • Place all the tank components into the bowl.

  • Now, wash the entire tank components in water until it is fully clean. If your tank is extremely dirty, then you can use a dish soap by taking a few drops that will help!

  • Now you can dry off each of the components by using a paper towel.

  • Then allow it to stand and then air dry it for 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Finally, reassemble the tank and device.

Deep clean

Here the cleaning of the vape tank will be done by using alcohol. The following  are the steps to perform a deep cleaning:

  • Detach the tank from the mod and then dispose it of, if any e-liquid is remaining inside the tank.

  • Now, completely disassemble the tank.

  • Vodka that is high-proof and also non-flavored will work best. You can use it as a solvent and it will help to break down e-juice deposits out of the vape-box tank. 

  • Now, dampen a paper or cloth towel by using vodka and try to scrub any tough areas so that the tank is clean completely.  

  • Now wipe and rinse by using warm water.

  • After that, you can air dry it for 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Reassemble your tank and device.

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