Allen Walker, BEng, MSci, MBA at The Mysterious Marketer | WiseIntro Portfolio
Allen Walker, BEng, MSci, MBA at IM Coupons, Inc. | WiseIntro Portfolio







Allen Walker, BEng, MSci, MBA at IM Coupons, Inc. | WiseIntro Portfolio

Allen Walker

BEng, MSci, MBA

IM Coupons, Inc.

ALLEN WALKER (MBA), aka The Mysterious Marketer, is a serial entrepreneur, marketer, business strategist, author, inventor, engineer, designer and programmer. Among other things at least.

He has worked in the background on various high profile projects, many of which revolutionized their industry, and changed the way we see the world.

One of his favorite endeavors is plunging day-in-day-out into the secret world of marketing,. He's known by many as being
the most famous marketer the world has never known.

His current focus is his work on his latest startup, IM Coupons. Alongside managing all of his other businesses and ventures.

IM Coupons specializes in hunting down and unlocking the latest and greatest internet marketing deals and discounts on the web. It presents marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners with a variety of resources to help them save some coin.

It's currently undergoing a renovation stage, so it might seem a bit rough. But eventually, it's going to be one of the greatest resources for marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners everywhere.

This page serves as an introduction and reference hub for his work on that current venture, so if you click through here from an email he sent, good on you! Go And check it out...

During his free time (which he always fills up immediately), he enjoys gaming, shooting some hoops, and innovating beyond the boundaries of imagination.

His interests are vast and diverse, ranging from botany, to astronomy, to programming, to art, to engineering. And everything in between.

Follow along with Allen on his journey to build his start-ups into the greatest establishments humanity has ever seen.

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