Importance and Benefits of Postcards
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Importance and Benefits of Postcards

Writing postcards had spread throughout the world since its humble beginnings around 177 years ago, when Theodore Hook, an Englishman, designed one and sent it to himself. The growth of the postcard was evident 21 years later when John P. Charlton copyrighted the first American postcards and the rise of postcard collectors who would collect postcards from mails and distribute them to their owner’s addresses.

With the advancement of technology in instant messages like emails, Whatsapp, and Facebook massager, postcards are still one of the most appreciated gifts you can send to someone. Continue reading to find out the importance and benefits of postcards. Here are some of the reasons why postcards are essential.

Importance of Postcards

Here are some of the reasons why postcards are important.

It Shows You Value the Recipient

Writing a few words and clicking send may not require much effort; the recipient is aware of this, as are some others. Writing and mailing laminated postcards , on the other hand, entails some steps. You can choose a design, possibly a personal photograph, write a message, and address it. This can demonstrate that you put time and effort into doing something nice for someone you love.

It Shows Your Uniqueness

It demonstrates your individuality. Everyone sent postcards in the 1800s. Postcards were not only a convenient way to communicate with others, but they were also unique and enjoyable to collect. Nowadays, the average homeowner can only receive one personal letter per year on special occasions. As a result, receiving something via snail mail is a lovely surprise. Send a postcard if you want to create a unique memory in someone's life.

It Can Keep Track of Your Travels

Postcards can be used as a travel journal while on vacation. Send yourself postcards after experiencing something enjoyable. This way, you can always look at the card in the future and be transported back to the present moment. If you're sending it to someone else, you can include a personal message as well. For example, try writing about a memorable tourist site you visited on your vacation or taking a photo of the site and designing it on a postcard.

It Lasts a Lifetime

You may lose your photos if your computer crashes or your smartphone malfunctions. But you don't want to go through that ordeal! You may lose some of your most treasured memories due to it. Postcards, especially plastic postcards, can last hundreds of years if properly stored. As a result, if you send a postcard to someone, you can be confident that it will last a lifetime. The fact that it is a physical object adds another element that email services cannot match.

It Reduces Stress

Modern life places a high demand on us, and as a result, things can become quite hectic. Stress is a byproduct of a hectic lifestyle. Designing a postcard can assist you in reducing the amount of stress you are experiencing. Whether you're good at it or not, sitting down and designing a card can take your mind off everything else in your life. It enables you to space out and concentrate on one activity instead of multitasking. You can even make numerous postcards per day if you have the time.

You might get one back from the recipient.

Receiving a postcard in the mail is a source of great joy because postcards are frequently unexpected. It's also unlike any other gesture we've seen recently. If you send plastic postcard mailers to someone, there's a good chance they'll send one back to you. As a result, both of you benefit from what started as a simple, warmhearted gesture.

An Excellent Way to Thank a Person

Is there a person in your life who deserves heartfelt thanks? Maybe they just helped you, or maybe you appreciate everything they've done in your life. Whatever your reason may be, it’s essential to express your gratitude. A standard thank you. Email may not suffice. You are creating something more personal to convey your message, especially if you live far from them. You can choose a lot of designs. For instance, an animated postcard designed with photos can go a long way.

Benefits of postcard to a business

Businesses frequently use a postcard to remind existing customers and target new potential buyers. Postcards are a recognized method of disseminating information in a non-intrusive manner. The following are some of the benefits of using postcards for business:

Postcards Offer Marketing at Affordable Rate

Postcards provide more excellent marketing at a low cost. Postcards are the least expensive form of marketing you can use to promote your business. Not only is the printing economical, but the postage is usually much lower as well. As a result, postcards marketing is now affordable to any size company or organization.

Postcards have the potential to be quantifiable.

A postcard campaign's effectiveness is simple to measure. You can know how many postcards you sent and how many new inquests, leads, or revenues they generated. The measurability of postcards makes this an excellent method when doing test marketing. You can send out smaller batches of postcards with multiple offers and then assess which one received the highest response rate.

Postcards are Very Flexible

Postcards are very flexible because they can be used to announce sales, publicize events and send invitations to trade shows, provide information about a company's website, or even act as a coupon. Organizations can use Postcards for just about any marketing purpose an organization might require.

A Postcard Is a Secret Weapon

Not everyone wants their competitors to know their special offers and marketing strategies. If you're using a mass marketing strategy like radio, TV, billboards, newspaper, billboards, or something similar to your competitor, they can always know your moves. Using direct-mail postcards, you're sure that your marketing message can only reach the people you choose.

A postcard is Tangible.

When your audience receives your physical postcards, they can touch and feel them. On the other hand, promotional emails only exist in an electronic form. An email is just one line of text which can make it easy to overlook or delete. You can also miss typing your recipient's email address, and they may not receive your email or email can be sent to junk or spam box and your recipient may not get the message. It is almost confident that recipients will hold and touch and see a postcard.


When you select the ideal postcard, you will discover that it is more effective in conveying your message than emails. For example, a gaming channel can use plastic postcards design with their logo and promote their games to their audience. When you want to thank someone, you can send them animated postcards with their animated picture on them. It is more personal and lifts the person who receives the postcard's spirits. Emails do not reveal the source, but you will know who sent it and from which location if you receive a postcard. Organizations can use a postcard for marketing their products since it is affordable compared to other means of Marketing.

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