Andrejka Coklyat, Wellbeing and Place Coach at My Post Traumatic Growth | WiseIntro Portfolio
Andrejka Coklyat, Healthy Boundaries Coach for AutoImmune PTSD/PTSR at Spiritually Alive Living Soul: Perfect in Pedigree | WiseIntro Portfolio







Andrejka Coklyat, Healthy Boundaries Coach for AutoImmune PTSD/PTSR at Spiritually Alive Living Soul: Perfect in Pedigree | WiseIntro Portfolio

Andrejka Coklyat

Healthy Boundaries Coach for AutoImmune PTSD/PTSR

Spiritually Alive Living Soul: Perfect in Pedigree

Thank you for reading and blessings to you, yours and all for exploring here! I have an exciting announcement!! Did you know? I’ve made a BIG change. I’m now working as a healthy boundaries coach specializing in relief for those with Traumatic Stress commonly labeled as PTSD. With my help you gain and discover support with low cost techniques for amplifying relief naturally through strategic self care. At the moment I have 12 spots for my 10 days and 10 ways Toxic People/Places and Things Breakthrough Session for a limited time $97 Beta test. Solution goal is Instant Relief from at least one thorn in your side. Who would like to join me?

If you’d like to set up a time for a free discovery call, you can do so by calling or text 24/7 503-974-4848.

About me: I share techniques for people who feel like they are going through an emotional avalanche, move towards relief.

I get most of my clients through word of mouth and it would mean so much to me if you shared this link with a friend who struggles with health or career direction. Thank you all so much - your support means the world!

To set up a free discovery call text or call 503-974-4848
or email

More about how I help you:

Are you in the right place?

Feel overwhelmed? Feel betrayed by others, your body, your home, the world, sometimes even God?

Have more difficulty coping with daily life than in the past?

Feel wired yet tired even at the end of a long hard day?

Got excess weight?

Have you been doing all the right things and still feel terrible?

Do conventional doctors raise eyebrows and give no help when you finally have made your way to an appointment?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you’re in the right place.

No matter how much you’ve struggled in the past, I know you can have the emotional well-being, better clarity and body you would thrive living within.

Let me show you how... I specialize in working with frazzled people (just like you!) to help you gain relief, re-design little things your life that provides powerful results and even lose weight naturally, without adding busy work or feeling deprived.

Do you need an ally? I have experience with life plan coaching helping people reverse engineering well being. We design a daily, weekly, monthly structure and accountability to keep motivated with supplements, movement practice, cultivating community, spirit and health recommendations.

I am also peer patient advocate. From my own personal experience I help clients build their health resume, build and practice scripts how to talk to and interrupt conventional MD dismissal of client objections.

To set up a free discovery call text or call 503-974-4848
or email

Even more about me:

I completed the one and only Fermentationist Certification with Summer Bock. I also was in the first group to Beta-test the launch of the first version of Chris Kressers' ADAPT Academy. I have certifications in Feng Shui, Iridology, Bodywork and Energy work (Polarity & Swedish), have training in energy healing and am an Ordained Minister in the State of California through the Church of Natural Grace / Psychic Horizons. Thank you for your presence here, for reading thus far and for your present and future grace for the world. Sending all the best to all!

For a free discovery call contact me via text or message at 503-974-4848.
or email

Andrejka Coklyat (pronounced "Anne-DRAY-kah") is an online wellness behavior and house-healing place coach and lifestyle ally. Andrejka specializes in a parasympathetic friendly lifestyle. Her experience and expertise is focused on Post Traumatic Growth and Auto Immune Wellness. She provides an accessible, affordable, nurturing, learning - immersion one stop wellness experience for practical, highly motivated, health-ambitious, forward thinking people who know they can optimize their wellbeing seeking to be better and well informed about regaining what this fallen world has attempted to pilfer from us.

My unique and comprehensive technique incorporates the following:

1) Looking at toxins in the environment of my client (Feng Shui) to

2) Evaluating personality strengths and limitations (Handwriting Analysis)

3) Assessing cellular integrity (Iridology)

4) Prioritizing

5) Planning the easiest most effective course of action providing rapid results

6) Celebrate success and gratitude practice with closer relationship to God as you understand God.

BIO: Andrejka Coklyat was certified as a Fermentationist in 2017, in Feng Shui 2014, and in Iridology in 2011. She has her bodywork certification (2001) from Heartwood Institute, in California. Andrejka also has practiced Handwriting Analysis since 1994. She completed her 30 week 120 hour training at the Graphological Institute of San Francisco with the late Ted Widmer. Her definition of Handwriting Analysis, aka “Graphology,” is a precise and revealing method of assessing a person’s psychology, physiology and spirituality. Her meditation and minister's training background was acquired at the Church of Natural Grace in San Francisco, CA (from 1994 onward). She also has attended Vipassana meditation 10 day courses.

To set up a free discovery call text or call 503-974-4848
or email


Life Plan Coaching
Iridology & Herbalism
Feng Shui
Handwriting Analysis
Body Mind Speaking Meditation

Certified Massage Practitioner (C.M.P)
Swedish (Circulatory relaxation massage)
Breema/Thai (Floor Massage)
Polarity Massage (Energy therapy)

Past Lives/Aura/Chakra

Bach Flower Remedies

Workshop Facilitation in:
Speaking Circles
Life Planning
Resume Writing

Health Visionary Background in:
Wholesome Foods and Nutrition
Conscious Eating
Natural Vision Improvement
Conscious Breathing
Water Cure
Sunlight Medicine
Conscious Communication
Healthy Boundaries

For more information contact her at
To set up a free discovery call text or call 503-974-4848
or email

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