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The Power Of Emoticons – 5 Reasons To Use Them

Today, emoticons need a bit less explanation as everyone knows what they are. They are widely used on social media platforms. Just to explain it in brief, emoticons are the feeling pictorially represented during a conversation.

Here are the top 5 uses of emoticons and how they improve your communication skills.

They Make You Popular Among Your Friend’s Circle.

Some special emoticons like lenny face that not many people use or know about, can make your every friend come to you and ask you to teach how to use them. You can create a lenny face from your keyboard or can simply use a crying face generator to do it for you.
You might wonder what are all these lenny faces? Lenny face, also known as kaomoji, are Japanese style emoticons, these are the hearts symbols copy paste emojis typed from letters and numbers and are understandable without tilting your phone.

It goes way back to 1986 when they were first used.
(≖ᴗ≖✿) is an example of Lenny face.

Makes It Easy To Understand Someone’s Feelings

When you use an emoticon, you express your feeling through text. Whether it be pre-made emojis on Whatsapp or emojis make by you using your keyboard, it will express your feeling and will make the person understand easily what you are trying to converse.
If you are happy or sad, feeling cute or angry, social media had emojis for all situations. Using emojis helps make conversation fun and neglects confusion.

They Can Even Be Used In Business Settings

You might feel or maybe even heard that emoticons are not used in business settings. This might be true for some industries but not for all. But smiley faces are now incoming in loads of emails and other marketing applications.
If you use apps like Amazon or swiggy, you might have received the emails from them that uses emojis in them. these are the basic industries where emojis are highly used nowadays.

They Create A Happier Workplace

When you are working for someone or when someone is working for you, emails are one of the most used forms of communication when not talking face to face. Just the addition of one emoticon can change the expression and sense of the sentence.
It can add up a positive behavior and comforting letters when a text is sent by the boss. And if sent by the employee, it can add on some politeness.

They Make You Appear More Friendly

When you are texting someone, sharing an emoji with your text will make them more comfortable opening up to you.
If you find it hard to make emoticons, copy-paste a plethora of them from lennyface.me.

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