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Book Report Form
The form of a work of writing is another word for the work's structure. Form refers to the way a composition is organized and put together. Most genres of writing have a general form that is typical for that genre. Such assignments are no different. Book report form is comprised of a loose, three-part structure: an introduction, a summary, and an analysis. Like all writing forms, novel critique forms are flexible, so these three parts will be different depending on the writer and the subject. Find more at the essay writing help.

Book report form is similar to essay form, in that essay form also has three primary components: an introduction, a development, and a conclusion. In addition, novel critiques will typically have the appearance of essays, in that the three components are not separated into individual blocks of text, but are one, continuous text in which the paragraphs transition logically and smoothly from one idea to the next. Furthermore, novel critiques have the same purpose as essays: to inform and comment and, sometimes, to persuade. The primary difference between book report form and essay form is that a book report's form is more bottom-heavy, meaning the largest and most significant aspects of the report come in the third component, the analysis. In essays, the largest and most significant component of the text is the development section, which is in the middle.

The three primary elements of a novel review—the introduction, summary, and analysis—must be present in every story review. However, the exact execution of these will vary. Some books will require a multi-paragraph introduction, while other, more simple texts will require only a one-paragraph introduction. The same is true for the summary section. The analysis section should always be more than one paragraph, as the analysis will consist of many different ideas that should be explored in an in-depth way. Thus, some novel review forms will have one paragraph for the introduction, one paragraph for the summary, and then three or more paragraphs for the analysis. Other novel review forms will have two paragraphs for the introduction, two paragraphs (or more) for the summary, and five or more paragraphs for the analysis. There is no exact prescription for organizing book report form; the writer must decide for him or herself how detailed the information in the report needs to be. This is usually determined by the length and complexity of the book. A book report on a book written primarily for a high school audience will be much shorter than a 400-page history monograph on the Spanish Civil War.

No matter how many paragraphs each section is, it is important to remember that in appearance and fluidity, a novel critique should resemble an article. This means that the document should not move abruptly from one section to the next, but should transition smoothly in the same way that a writer would transition smoothly from one paragraph to the next in an assignment. Though a book report has a form, that form is intended to create a complete and continuous whole. Students should strive to create this type of complete, continuous text when writing their documents. If you need help in essay writing, you can check our website.

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