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Civil rights essay sample


Most of us live in democratic countries which gives us the opportunity to exercise the following civil rights: freedom of speech; freedom of press; the right to vote; the right to be treated equally in all private places and freedom from involuntary servitude. The major problem regarding this issue is that the minorities are quite often deprived of the opportunity to exercise those rights. Apart from that, there are some countries that still live in the totalitarian regime which presupposes that it is impossible to express their point of view publicly and freely.

It is quite obvious that discrimination is a huge problem. People get discriminated based on their age, race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or religion. Quite often it prevents them from expressing their opinion even if they live in a democratic society.

Organizations all over the world unite against the violation of people’s civil rights. Each citizen has equal access to all opportunities offered by the society. Each citizen should be able to exercise those rights when she or he wants or needs it. What is more, the person should be afraid to express their opinion publicly. Feel free to learn more about civil rights at write my essay online .

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