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Brandon Robertson

I arrive home from work a couple of hours before the kids get out of school, having gone in to work at 5 am. I call out to you to let you know I'm home. I hear your voice from upstairs telling me I have mail on the dining room table. I go into the dining room and start looking through the mail. Mostly bills and a few mail order catalogs, but also a package. I look at the box and notice it is addressed to you and from one of the online companies that we like to buy our sex toys from. I see that it's already been opened. Then I hear you behind me.

I turn to see you standing completely naked except for a harness and a strap on dildo. I now understand our encounter in the shower this morning. You joined me in the shower, moving in behind me and rubbing yourself against my back and ass. Then you bent me over and pressed a well-lubed butt plug against my anus. I readied myself and you pushed it all the way inside me as I gasped from the intrusion. After I recovered, I straightened back up as you rubbed my cock and chest. You leaned in and whispered in my ear telling me to leave the plug in all day and we would have some fun when I got home.
I thought you were talking about having some fun with our vibrators but now I know what you had in mind. You must have tracked the package and knew it was arriving today. You showed me a remote control that you had in your hand and smiled. You pressed a button and the rubbery dildo started to vibrate wildly. You closed your eyes and moaned. I realized that the base of the dildo was pressed against your clit and that you could feel the throbbing vibrations.

You walk over to me, kiss me and then turn me around facing the table. You unbuckle my belt and unbutton and unzip my jeans. You bend me over and then pull my jeans down over my ass. You nudge my legs apart and I brace myself against the table. You press against the butt plug and congratulate me for keeping it in all day. I'm about to make a sarcastic comment about how it was hard to sit down all day but I'm stopped by a sudden slap to my ass.

You spank my ass hard until every inch of it is red. You move in front of me and open the box that your new toy came in. You pull out a new bottle of anal lube. You smile at me as you squeeze a large amount of lube into your hand and rub it all over your new dildo. You ask me if I'm ready and I nod.

You move behind me and slowly pull the plug from my ass. Before my anus can close up you push the dildo all the way into me. I grunt as my body is pushed into the table. You wait for a few moments for my body to get used the dildo and then you push the button on the remote. It feels wonderful as the vibrations fill me, and from your moans I can tell you feel the same. You grab my hips and slowly start to pull out of me, until all that's still in me is the head throbbing against the sensitive muscles around my opening. Then you push all the way back into me. You start to slowly fuck me, enjoying watching the dildo slide in and out of my ass. Each time you push into me the base of the dildo presses hard against your clit and you can feel your orgasm start to build.

You grab my wrists and pull them behind my back like I do to you when I take you from behind. You start thrusting into me hard, feeling that familiar tingle in your groin. You grunt with each thrust feeling the strong throb of the dildo against your clit. You grab my shoulder and with one final thrust your orgasm overtakes you. You push your clit against the dildo's base until your orgasm ends. Then you turn off the vibrator and slowly pull out of me. I grunt as the dildo slips out of me.

You help me up and turn me around to kiss me. You ask me if you hurt me at all and I tell you that it hurt a little but that it felt good. You tell me how good it felt to be in control and that you understood why I liked taking you from behind so much. We kiss for a little while longer and then you drop to your knees in front of me. You take me into your mouth and suck on my cock until it is rock hard. You reach up and grab the lube. You rub lube all over my cock and then stand up and bend over the table saying, "Your turn."

I see you have your plug in also. I gently pull the plug out of you and replace it with my hard cock. I push myself all the way into you and stay there until I feel your hips buck a little, letting me know you are ready. I start to slowly fuck your tight asshole but I can't contain myself. I start losing control and fucking you fast and hard. You give me encouragement by begging me to fuck you. You can tell I'm close and you tell me to cum in your ass. Hearing you pushes me over the edge and I explode into your ass. I shoot cum into you over and over again, feeling like it's never going to stop. I cum so much I start feeling light-headed and I have to grab the table to balance myself.

My cock slowly softens inside you and before I can even pull out my cum starts to drip out of you. I pull my cock out and lay down on the floor trying to catch my breath. You lay down next to me kissing my chest. You smile at me and tell me you thought I was never going to stop cumming in you. I laugh and comment that I must have been a little excited. You kiss me and say that we'll have to try that more often. I ask, how about tonight?

After the kids have all gone to bed we go upstairs to our bedroom. We watch each other undress and then I lay down on the bed. You kneel between my legs and start tracing your fingernail over my cock. I lift and spread my legs as you realize what I have in mind.

You push hard against my butt plug and ask, "What do you want me to do, baby?"

"I want you to fuck me," I say quietly.

"I don't understand, you're going to have to be a little more specific," you say while you slowly slide the plug in and out of my ass.

"I want you to fuck my ass with your dildo," I say embarrassed.

You grab the dildo and say, "This is not a dildo, this is my cock, try again."

I pause for a few moments as you continue to fuck me with the butt plug. It feels so good but I need more so I blurt out, "Yes baby, please fuck my tight asshole with your hard cock."

You smirk and say, "See, now was that so hard."

Then you pull the plug out and slide the dildo in. You click the remote and I feel the heavy throb filling my ass. You stay there unmoving enjoying the feeling of the base of the dildo pressed against your clit. I beg, "Please baby, fuck me."

You smile and start to slowly start thrusting. You lean in to get a better position and I rest my legs on your shoulders. After a few moments I get used to you being inside me and I slide my legs down and wrap them around your waist. You lay on top of me, your breasts pressed against my chest and my cock pressed into your stomach.

I start begging you over and over again to fuck me, spurring you on. You push yourself up a little and stare into my eyes. I reach up to cup your breasts and play with your nipples. You moan loudly and with a few more thrusts you push deeply into me grinding your clit against the dildo. You bite into my shoulder to muffle your screams as your body shakes uncontrollably.

I hold you until you recover and then you turn off the vibrator and slide out of me. You unfasten the harness and then move up to straddle my face. Your dripping pussy just inches from my mouth you slowly lower yourself and command me to lick you clean. I passionately dive in licking, sucking and kissing every inch from your clit to your anus.

You ride my face while you lick and suck your nipples. Within just a few minutes you explode showering my face with your juices. I lick and suck you until you collapse laying down on the bed next to me.

I gently kiss your legs and your hips while you recover. You rest your head on my thigh for a few minutes and then start kissing my cock and balls. You take me in your mouth and start sucking me until I'm hard. Then you straddle my cock and take me inside your warm wet pussy.

You slowly ride me, taking your time and enjoying yourself. I feel my orgasm start to build and I start to push into you with each thrust. You pull up quickly and my cock falls out of you. You lean over and whisper in my ear, "Not yet, lover."

You kiss me for a few moments and then you reach down and push my cock back into your pussy. You start to ride me again but as soon as I start pushing up into you, you pull off of me again. After I settle down, you do it again, riding me until I'm ready to cum and then stopping me before I can get relief.

I can't take anymore and I roll you over on to your back. I mount you and quickly push my cock inside you. I grab your wrists and hold them up over your head. I wildly start fucking you as you start crying out, "Yes baby, fuck me hard, cum inside me lover."

After just a few more strokes I explode filling you with my cum as I collapse on top of you. You hold me tight as I continue to push into you until I'm exhausted. I roll off of you and we kiss gently. We hold each other close until we both fall fast asleep.

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