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After Galvan’s confrontation and the ban on 59 Chinese apps, the Indian feeling of using home apps has intensified. The central government recently banned 47 other Chinese applications citing security concerns.

The move has given desi apps a market to finally test its development. The original developers support the ban and want users to switch to apps developed by Indians. The app developers claim that Indian apps, unlike Chinese apps, keep user data safe in the country.

India is an important consumer market for China. So demonization is affecting their economy. Indian users are constantly growing on the Indian app which promotes the “Vocal to Local” initiative. In India, there is an optional application for everyone from Tiktok, KenskNer, Clash King to King browsers. Entrepreneur India has put together a list of Indian apps that could be a suitable replacement for banned Chinese apps. Here's a look at some of the most popular ones and what they can do:


Watching Tids
Ticket OK: Probably the most popular of all Chinese apps, Ticket OK has become a rage among Indians for sharing short videos and dance moves and sharing them to the community of followers.

1. Bolo India: Made in India, Bolo India is a staunch opponent for all other infotainment applications. The main feature of the application is to create videos based on our knowledge, art and interests. Also, users can create and share content in 10 Indian languages. Like your competitors, you can also make money through the app.

2. Metron: Bengaluru has so far developed a video sharing application which is included in the top 10 free paid Google Play applications. Mitron has a 7.7-star rating and allows users to create, edit, share and browse videos.

3. Spark: 3 million downloads in just 10 days and spark 500,000 downloads to everyone in just 72 hours. So far, Chingar has already downloaded 11 million downloads from the Google Play Store and is available in many Indian languages.

ShareIT: ShareIT, one of the fastest cross-platform transfer speeds and one of the most distributed applications with free fe online feeds, was available on almost all phones in India.


1. ShareChat: ShareChat is an Indian regional social media platform developed by Mohalla Tech Pvt. Ltd. It is designed to make it easy to share content from one platform to different social networking platforms. Sharechat was created even for the worst connection.

LiveChat: LiveChat was used as an online customer service software with online chat, help desk software and web analytics capabilities. Businesses typically use LiveChat as a starting point for managing customer service and sales online sales activities through software software distributed across multiple channels (chat, email and social media) and multiple tools.

1. UDO: UDO, mobile application, business consulting style is changing. Unlike other apps like Zoom, Skype, Duo, WhatsApp tsp, etc., teachers, trainers, trainers and companies can use this app for integrated paid video sessions or large group events.

2. Ermit: Ermit is about hosting an event online event, a big conference and a meaningful conversation. It’s also easy to use, as viewers don’t have to download the app to attend the event. From the social lounge, Ermit enables random interaction, meets someone at a fly event, and enables the backstage organizer to pose with speakers.

3 Geo Meet: Reliance Geomet allows users to set up a call or conference call with up to 100 participants with host control for business. In addition, users can host or participate in an unlimited number of calls. The unique selling point of the app is that, unlike Zoom, the call duration is not limited to 40 minutes and can last up to 24 hours.

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