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Phoenix SEO, #1 SEO Company at Premier Phoenix Digital Marketing Agency | WiseIntro Portfolio







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Phoenix SEO, #1 SEO Company at Premier Phoenix Digital Marketing Agency | WiseIntro Portfolio

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Phoenix small business owners require every edge they can get to dominate the competition in 2017. As a Phoenix expert SEO consultant, we would like to share a few search engine optimization tips to get you started.

If you are less "DIY" and more "DFY" (done for you), just give us a call or send an email to discuss your objectives and we'll see how we can help you improve your web traffic and sales in 2017.

1. Claim your profile on the major search engine local listing areas. The first thing you must do is claim your Google My Business, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local profiles. The sooner, the better since each one requires confirmation that you are the owner of the profile which can take several weeks. By confirming your profiles, you will not only receive the benefit of being listed in highly trafficked directories, and you will be given a high authority for your ranking in your city and geographical area. For help, you should discuss with a #1 SEO consultant.

2. Claim as many local citation listings as possible. There are many yellow page type internet sites that provide important geographical relevance and assist greatly with local SEO ranking. In almost all cases you can create your profile for free, and it's quite easy to build a listing. Each directory profile and citation you develop is a point in your favor, so the more, the better. Possibilities include Yelp, Foursquare, Apple Maps, Brown Book and hundreds more that a simple Google search can turn up. A premier digital marketing company can assist if you need guidance.

As part of the SEO Ranker Agency Brand Authority service, we build out a social fortress of profiles. This gives Google powerful signals pointing back to your site and can help in the area of reputation management. The last thing you want is for one disgruntled customer review to land at the top of page one when someone searches for your brand.

3. Add your contact phone to all directory listings and profiles. After all, your customers need to be able to reach you. One interesting note - in general, you should not use an 800 number. Instead, list a number with a local area code. This shows your company as being from the area that unique area code represents. If you would like to list an 800 number, make it a secondary phone number. Any competent digital marketing agency can help with this step.

TIP: If you have multiple locations that are virtual, and if your "local number" cannot cover them all, use a virtual IP phone service. CallFire is an example of a service where you can quickly obtain a local phone number. With a service like Call Fire, the caller won't realize they are being directed to a central number.

4. Include a local business address. Your listing will be shown on maps, and customers must identify where your physical presence is, otherwise you will not show up in the local organic search results. Make sure your address is correct and consistently listed the same in all directories. A digital marketing expert can help with any difficulties you may have here.

5. Upload pictures to all your profiles. You want to give the directory and search engines every piece of information they support. If they offer a photo gallery, then upload images to it.

If you are prepared to invest in your business and drive more customers to your website complete our DISCOVERY FORM to get started.

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