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Shawn Seckerson

Former Owner of Attitudes4U

Attitudes 4 U

An experienced sales and marketing professional, Shawn Seckerson draws upon experience she gained while running her own business, Attitudes4U. Located in Jamestown, North Dakota, Attitudes4U was a women’s boutique specializing in unique products such as Miche handbags. During this time, Shawn Seckerson guided all aspects of business operations, including inventory, sales management, and customer relations, and used techniques such as radio advertising, word of mouth, and local flyers to build her business. In addition to having a loyal customer base in Jamestown, she eventually built a client list of more than 60 retail partners across the Upper Midwest to distribute the Miche products.

Shawn Seckerson also gained significant administrative experience in her managerial role with Seckerson Farms Partnership, where she worked for more than a decade. During this time, she handled all bookkeeping, accounting, and office administration duties. She also developed expertise in QuickBooks accounting software.

Ms. Seckerson attended Northwest Technical College-Moorhead, where she completed a degree in fashion marketing and management. An accomplished student, she earned first place in a sales competition during this time.

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