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Stephen Ornelas, Director of Marketing | WiseIntro Portfolio

Stephen Ornelas

Director of Marketing

Stephen is an extremely talented individual and a very quick learner. He has routinely held positions that put him as the head of his department, such as Director of Marketing.

He has a skill of coordinating off-site freelancers in cohesion with his work to create a fluid and flexible experience for his employer which costs much less than a whole department of full-time workers.

His background is in Digital Marketing, Apple iOS & macOS, Google Apps, SEO [Search Engine Optimization], SEM [Search Engine Management]. CSS, HTML 5 & Javascript.

Stephen is a Veteran of the United States Army (M1A1 Tank Systems Mechanic 64E). He thrives in research intense environments, & clutch "let's find a way" brainstorming situations.

By working as a one person department, Stephen has been able to successfully take umbrella companies and deliver compelling marketing departments at a fraction of the cost of hiring a whole team. His use of automation, freelancers, and a passion for analytics has allowed for multiple umbrella companies to have up to 5 companies Internationally delivering product timely, and effectively, and all under budget.

Stephen is a photographer, podcast addict, and gadget guy. He takes pride in "being part of the success" by building and developing solutions, utilizing advanced goal-setting workshops, modern fintech, automation, digital media, cooperative learning, and communication skills.

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