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Your Favorite Instagram Story Viewer Anonymous

Social media is becoming more beneficial to people today. Instagram is certainly one of those programs. Everyone is using Instagram regularly in order to upload about small moments of their lives, allowing them to capture even those tiny beautiful details, all in the of either photographs or videos, through the Instagram stories. Nonetheless, one disadvantage of Instagram stories is that they vanish instantly after 24 hours. In case the time comes when you wish to revisit the memory you published, you will not find them.

Have a Copy of your Instagram Stories you did for the entire Day
Stick to the guide presented here so you can save the Instagram story video you created for the entire day. Later on, you can view the video as necessary. Nevertheless, take note that this video is not downloaded with the pictures as posted. This technique will surely cost you more time since you will need to view first other parts before you view the part you want. Nevertheless, this is far more desirable than not having a duplicate at all.

To convert your stories as video, search first for a key referred to as “Your Story”. On your feed, you can commonly view it on the upper left part. 3 dots can be tapped when you click the button. You will then see more options. The choice we are trying to find is the Save Story. Keeping the video might take a little while to render it. Your video will now be ready to play anytime you need it.

Download Instagram Stories: The Selected Clips Only
In case the above method doesn’t work for you, there’s another trick that you might try. This technique will let you anonymously watch instagram stories. Meaning, you can save or download Instagram stories anonymously as separate files. The procedure is nearly the same as the above technique, excluding the later part. Rather than selecting for the “Save Story” option, choose “Save Video”. This is recommended in case you have one particular image or video that you want to preserve, but you are not necessarily concerned about the whole Story. As soon as you have clicked “Save Video,” look at your Pictures or Camera Roll to make certain your clip is saved.

Download Stories from all other Instagram Users
Using a third party site, you can easily download Instagram stories of some other Instagram users. Most of these even have similarities on how the way they work. It’s you who will decide which of them to make use of. Whatever your reasons for downloading these Instagram stories owned by other account owners are less essential.

Third party sites as Instagram stories downloader
First, check out what data the website needs about the person whose stories you wish to copy. Most of the time it requires the username or link to the user's profile. Copy the link and then feed it into the space provided by the website. The website will show the available stories of the user. Select whichever story you would like to copy and select the save option. And lastly, the video will then be saved to your local device.

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