What are Some Hilarious Pranks to Play on Your Loved Ones
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What are Some Hilarious Pranks to Play on Your Loved Ones

Our life is too short to be serious and got stuck with the hectic work life. One of the best and most effective ways to make others happy and laugh is by making harmless pranks. Playing pranks on our loved ones can be a great way to make long-lasting memories and share laughter moments together. While making a prank, it is important to keep in mind that the pranks should always be harmless, fun, and sensitive to other person’s feelings. Now we will take a look at some of the amazing hilarious prank ideas that you can pull on your loved ones in order to make them laugh and build long-lasting memories.

Sliding Balloons Prank:

Sliding balloons is one of the most popular pranks that you can do to your loved ones. Try setting up a bunch of balloons in a sliding position at your loved one’s bedroom doorway, if you want to surprise them in the early morning. Tape a large garbage bag with colorful balloons inside it and place it on the top of your beloved one’s room doorframe, while they are sleeping. They will be surprised and greeted with an explosion of colorful balloons raining down on them when they open the door.

Prank with Sticky Notes:

This sticky note prank may look simple, but it requires some dedication and it is worth the effort you make. All you need is to use different color sticky notes to cover your loved one’s room, workplace, or car. Make sure that everything should be covered including the walls, furnishings, and even their personal items. It will take more for them to clear off all the sticky notes, but they will surely appreciate your humor and effort behind the prank.

Toothpaste on Oreos Prank:

If you are looking for a harmless and classic prank, toothpaste on Oreo is an excellent option. For doing this, replace the cream filling with toothpaste in several Oreo cookies. Make sure to use a flavor that is similar to the original filling if possible. Give these Oreos to your special ones, then sit back and enjoy their priceless reactions when they realize they have bitten the wrong one.

Fake Poo Prank:

If you want to prank your loved one without any serious threat, all you need is to buy fake poop prank stuff. You can place this on their desk or on the lid of a toilet. Also, you can send a poo from the prankbro website as a hidden gift to your loved one in order to bring a smile to their face.

Prank with Fake Bugs:

Place fake bugs that look like the real ones on your loved one’s home to prank them. You can use these fake bugs as a pranking material by placing them on their shoes, under their pillows, or even in the shower. Be ready to watch their hilarious creams and jumps when they take a look at these surprising creatures.


One of the great approaches to making your loved ones laugh and enjoy themselves is by doing pranks on them. The above-mentioned pranks are just a few examples that you can do to your loved ones. When doing these, make sure that the pranks are completely harmless and their main aim is to bring fun and a smile to the face of your beloved ones.

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