What are the Different Types of Metal Epoxy Putty
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What are the Different Types of Metal Epoxy Putty?

Epoxy putty is excellent for making quick fixes to a variety of materials, including metal. Epoxy putties are moldable and simple to apply; they cure rapidly, creating a solid connection and an airtight seal.

Utilizing the appropriate epoxy for your job is crucial. Many companies provide some distinct kinds of metal epoxy putty because of this. The various varieties' somewhat varying compositions enable them to bind better for each purpose because of this.

All of our industrial-strength metal epoxy putties may be used in 60 minutes. They are applied easily and without concern for getting the combination just perfect since they are in stick form.

What is the function of metal epoxy putty?

The basic principles of how metal putty works are the same as those of other epoxy repair putty products. To apply it by hand to the appropriate surface, just cut the necessary quantity of the stick, knead it until it is soft, and then repeat. You can simply mold it to fix gaps and cracks since it is soft to start with.

Epoxies consist of two soft components (known as two-part epoxies). The epoxy hardens and forms a solid bond as a result of the chemical process that takes place when the ingredients are combined. The putty may be drilled or machined once it has dried and is entirely waterproof. It can also be painted over it.

Keep the leftover putty in its original packing when the repair is complete. As long as it hasn't been mixed or activated, you may store it for years or until you need it again.

Different types of metal epoxy putty

Use the product that is most suited for your particular use if you want the greatest outcomes. We provide specialized epoxies for use with copper, titanium, steel, and aluminum, each carefully created with specific qualities to go with that particular metal.


The "plumber's epoxy," copper epoxy, is ideal for a variety of plumbing tasks. It works well for fixing plumbing elbows, sinks, taps, water heaters, and other non-ferrous metals made of brass, copper, bronze, and other non-ferrous metals. It is ideal for plumbing situations including leaky hot lines and pipe repairs.


The titanium-reinforced epoxy putty from very heat resistant and ideal for bonding with titanium. It is perfect for use on steam pipes and other high temperature applications since it can withstand temperatures up to 280°C.


This is a toolbox need because of the enormous variety of uses it has. metals putty is an industrial-strength remedy appropriate for temperatures up to 149°C and is ideal for mending and reconstructing scratched, chipped, and cracked steel surfaces.


This is a well-liked metal epoxy that is excellent for use on automobile bodywork, car components, aluminum window frames, and outdoor furniture due to the widespread usage of aluminum. It is weatherproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses, just like all of our epoxy sticks.

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