What are the Different Types of Olives and What are their Uses
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What are the Different Types of Olives and What are their Uses

Olives (Olea Europea L) are one of the oldest plants cultivated in the world. These are small and packed with all kinds of goodness. They also have various antioxidant properties, which help in improving heart health by regulating cholesterol levels. It also helps fight off osteoporosis, which prevents various types of cancers.

Different Types of Olives:

Olives are grown all over the world and they are black and green in color. All olives are green in the beginning, and it turns black when they got ripen. The following are some different varieties of olives which we are using nowadays.


Kalamata olives are the most common varieties of olives, which are dark purple in color. These are the Best Olives in NYC and the healthiest among the other olive types. Kalamata olives are rich in heart-healthy fats, minerals like calcium, iron, and antioxidants. These kinds of olives are a little bit bitter and need to be fermented and soaked in brine then it becomes pleasantly edible.


It is another variety of olive, which is left on the tree and allowed to naturally ripen to deep. The combination of flavors in these olives makes the perfect in along with any food dish. These are also a little bitter and salty taste, which works well on pizzas as an addition to the sauces.


These types of olives are from the Agrinion region of Greece, which is more popular among other Greek olives. Agrinion olives are from the conservelea tree, which is the oldest variety of olive trees present in the world. This comes in various sizes and shapes and delivers a tangy sour taste.


Amfissa olives are black or green olives that are grown in the central Greece area. The climate in that area where these olives grow causes them to have a sweet fruitier taste than other olive types. These olives are smaller in size and fully ripe olives are fleshy and meaty. These olives are also used in producing olive oil.

Halkidiki Olives:

These are large green olives which are originated from the Halkidiki region of Greece. It is also called donkey olive, because of its bigger size. This type of olive is brighter green in color that becomes yellow when the fruit gets matures. Halkidiki olives are cured in salted brine, which helps to lose the bitter taste of raw olives.

Castelvetrano Olives:

This type of bright green olives is from the island of Sicily in Italy. It offers a sweet taste, and it makes them one of the best tastiest olives in the world. Castelvetrano olives have a rich soft flesh and mild flavor.


Olives are rich in minerals such as iron and copper, which are required by your body that requires function. These are low in cholesterol and act as a good source of dietary fiber.

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