What is the Best Method to Study
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What is the Best Method to Study

A lot of people believed that studying for many hours is the best method to get success in your exams. Homework for the students helps them to understand the subject in greater depth and allows them to perform better in their future examinations. It is not always popular among the students because they think it takes away their free time at home. Homework is a general term that is used to describe the work you have to do at home after school or during college hours. Nowadays, several homework service providers like the homework market offer writing services for students who seek help with their homework.

Effective Methods to Study:

The following are some of the effective methods to study for the student's approach to learning.

SQ3R Method:

SQ3R method is one of the effective study techniques which is suitable for young scholars. This method helps the students to identify the important facts and get the information while studying. SQ3R stands for the five steps of the reading comprehension process. They are as follows:

• Survey – you can start studying the first chapter and taking some notes on any headings, subheadings, images, and on other standout features.

• Question – take questions around the subject chapter which is important and repetitive in the previous exams.

• Read – start to read the full chapter and look for the answers to the questions which you prepared.

• Recite – after reading the chapter, summarize in your own words what you read. Also, try recalling and identifying the major points.

• Review – this is an efficient revision technique that involves you reviewing the chapter of the book to get a full understanding.

PQ4R Method:

The PQ4R method is also one of the study techniques which is very effective for learning. This takes an approach to learning which helps in improving the memory and understanding of the topics the students. This method has 6 steps that include,

• Preview
• Question
• Read
• Reflect
• Recite and
• Review

Feynman Technique:

This is an efficient method of learning a concept quickly by explaining it in simple terms. Feynman's technique is suitable for the ones who are studying professional courses that would need to be natural and professional in their careers. This works by writing the subject you are studying at the top of a sheet of paper and then explaining in your own words as if you are teaching someone else. Review what you wrote and if you identified any mistakes, you can go back to your notes to figure out the correct answer.


Learning with effective study methods can ensure you fully prepare for the exams and help you against exam anxiety.

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