What is The Purpose of Percolator and What is Its Benefits? | WiseIntro Portfolio
What is The Purpose of Percolator and What is Its Benefits? | WiseIntro Portfolio







What is The Purpose of Percolator and What is Its Benefits? | WiseIntro Portfolio

What is The Purpose of Percolator and What is Its Benefits?

If you are a regular user of a smoking device then perhaps you are aware about percolator. It is also known as ‘perc’.   Although many veteran smokers too often may not be very clear about the purpose of percolator. However, you must understand that percolator is very critical for smoking culture.  

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What is bong percolator?

The objective of smoking out from bong is generally to make your smoking experience much smoother. As against that, the objective of dabbing is for isolating and enjoying flavor. Percolator can further improve your experience by cooling down your smoke, and offer you premium filtration. 

Several different kinds of percolators available and each of them has slightly different effects.

Why use bong with percolator?

People who are not much familiar with bongs, for them prospect of smoking may be little intimidating. There is cultural stigma present around bongs that causes them to look somewhat little more potent as compared to smoking with any other instruments. 

Your smoke may lose few effects going through 2 chambers of water, and the intake can always be far easier. Also, this will enable people to ingest little more smoke than what they normally would. 

Following are few different styles of percolators that can offer an additional level of filtration while you are smoking. Each of these percolators will achieve the same objective in a different manner. 

  1. Honeycomb percolators

Due to the shape of these honeycomb percolators, you get the functionality that they need for filtering smoke with so much efficiency. Round discs will fit perfectly within the bong tube, and small holes excel for diffusing the smoke. They accomplish all these without slowing down your smoking process.

  1. Tree percolators

This kind of tree percolators are quite simple. There is collection of rods within the tube of bong, which resemble with tree limbs. Having a few slits on each “limb”, there are plenty of diffusion

  1. Inline percolators

These percolators are horizontal tubes with many slits in them. If more slits are there then more percolation will take place. Often, they complement all other percolators present above them.

  1. Showerhead percolators

This showerhead percolators use tube which connects to main chamber for bringing smoke back through larger tube, directing all the smoke down into another percolator at varying slit quantities. From there, all piece’s direct smoke to second percolator.

With this piece, it will use the showerhead percolator in addition to recycler, which will bring the smoke via the chamber, a number of times before inhalation.

  1. Spiral percolators

They are also called as coil percolator, as this style brings the smoke via the coil and also increases cooling potential. Compared to all other percolators, spiral percolators provide smoother as well as longer drags.

Also, this piece will allow awesome visuals of smoke that will be rushing through coil for shining with bare-bones approach. The ice catcher will prevent spillage within your bong.

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