What To Consider Before Hanging Your Canvas
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What To Consider Before Hanging Your Canvas?

It's crucial for artists to put their canvases in the proper locations. It may have a big influence on how viewers react to your works. When choosing where to hang your canvas, there are a number of things to take into account in order to make the most of your artwork. In this post, we'll examine the ideal locations for your canvas installation and the factors you should take into account before hanging it.

Consider the room's lighting

The lighting in the space should be taken into account when determining where to hang your painting. Your artwork's appearance might be significantly influenced by the room's lighting. Your canvas could seem drab and boring if you hang it in a dimly light space. On the other side, putting it in a space with plenty of natural light may make the colors pop, enhancing the vibrancy and appeal of your artwork.

Choose the right wall

It's also crucial to choose the correct wall on which to hang your artwork. Make sure the wall you choose is clear of other decorations and isn't crowded. You want your art to be noticeable and the focus of interest. Avoid placing walls too near to windows, since the sunshine can eventually taint your canvas.

Consider the height

The height is another important consideration when determining where to place your canvas. Your artwork should be displayed at eye level so that viewers may enjoy it without having to crane their necks. To make your painting more approachable for onlookers, hang it between 57 and 60 inches from the ground, or at eye level.

Choose the right room

How your canvas is seen may also depend on the space in which it is displayed. Since most people spend their time in the living room, it's a great area to display your painting. A painting in the living room may be both a topic of discussion and the space's main point. A bedroom is another excellent location to display your painting since it may foster a tranquil and comforting ambiance.

Consider the canvas size

The ideal location for your canvas installation may also depend on its size. A smaller canvas could fit well in a smaller room while a custom size canvas might be perfect for a specific area. A huge canvas may be expressive, but it requires adequate room to be truly appreciated. When choosing where to hang your canvas, take into account the size of the space and your artwork.

Consider the color scheme

Where you put your art may also depend on its color palette. Consider putting your canvas in a space with neutral decor if the colors are vivid and dramatic to make it stand out. On the other hand, if your painting has soft hues, think about putting it in a space with more vibrant furnishings. Your artwork's color palette may provide harmony and balance to the space.


If you want your canvas to have the most effect, you must put it in the ideal location. When choosing where to hang your canvas, take into account the lighting in the space, the wall you choose, the canvas's size, the frame, the color scheme, and the height.

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