Where to Place a Tracker on your Car
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Where to Place a Tracker on your Car

Vehicle tracking devices are one of the most discrete and cost-effective ways to protect your vehicle assets, manage inventories, and monitor movements. GPS car trackers are portable monitoring system, which is energy efficient, low maintenance, and low cost that offers maximum security and safety to the vehicle. There are various kinds of tracking devices are available on the market and ensure that they are easily accessible and hidden from view. When you are installing a GPS car tracker in your vehicle, you can maximize its value by placing them in an ideal location.

When you are looking to install a GPS car tracker, you will find plenty of options. Keeping the trackers covertly and not exposing them to the outside environment helps prevent risks and potential hazards which makes more sense. The following are some of the best places to install a car tracker on your vehicle.


Attaching a portable GPS tracker under the dashboard serves a lot of purposes at once. The tracker will be hidden, and it is less likely to be uninstalled or tampered with. A portable car tracker under the dashboard can be able to get a good signal from the satellite and can work seamlessly. Mainly, it will be away from the natural elements and offers you several benefits for a longer period of time.

Under the Seat:

If you want to hide your car tracker from external elements, you can keep it under the car seat. If you are interested to fit in this place, you need to take out the vehicle seat and again install it after placing the tracker under the seat. Also, you can stitch the seat cover to make the device more discreet. If you install this device on the side of your seats, it will be difficult for someone to find it.

Under the Car:

Another best place to install a car tracker is under the car. Before installing on that place, it is better to look for a device made with built-in magnets, or you want to use a separate magnetic case. With the help of magnets, this device will fix easily on the metallic surface under your car. An important thing you need to consider is that the device is waterproof. This is because when the car passes through a minor water pit, the bottom of the car gets wet. To handle this situation, a waterproof tracker or a car tracker covered in a waterproof material will keep the device intact against water and dirt.

Glove Box:

A glove box in your vehicle is another option to place a car tracker. When you keep a lot of items in your glove box, such as papers it restricts the view of others to find the tracker. Even though, your glove box is closed good quality GPS car trackers are having the ability to receive GPS signals from the sky and provide you with the data location you need.

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