Why Paying EMI For House Is Better Than Paying Rent?
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Why Paying EMI For House Is Better Than Paying Rent?

Investing in a house is a dream shared by many. But what's the best way to make this dream come to life- Paying rent every month or paying an Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) to own a house? The answer might seem straightforward- one might think that renting is better since it requires no commitment and saves money. However, there are several reasons why paying EMI for house is better than paying rent. In this blog, we'll explore the financial benefits of owning a house and paying EMI.

1. EMI is an investment, not an expense

One of the biggest advantages of paying EMI is that it's an investment and not an expense. Every month when you pay your EMI, you're taking a step closer to owning some flats in OMR. Once you've fully paid off the loan, the house belongs to you. In contrast, renting is a never-ending cycle- you keep paying rent month after month, and the house will never belong to you.

2. Tax benefits

The government has several schemes in place to promote homeownership. One of the biggest advantages of owning a house is that it offers tax benefits. The interest paid on home loans is tax-deductible under Section 24 of the Income Tax Act. Additionally, you can also claim a deduction of up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs on the principal repayment under Section 80C. These benefits can significantly reduce your tax liability and save you money.

3. Long-term appreciation

The value of property tends to appreciate over time. When you invest in a house, you're not just paying for the present, but you're also making a wise investment for the future. The value of the house is likely to increase over time, giving you a significant return on your investment. In contrast, the money you spend on rent is gone forever with no possibility of return.

4. Rental prices are increasing

Rental prices in most cities are skyrocketing. The cost of living is only going up, and rental prices are no different. The more time you spend renting, the more you'll end up paying. On the other hand, if you invest in a house today, you'll be locking in a price that will not increase exponentially, making it an attractive and more feasible long-term proposition.

5. Ownership brings stability and security

Finally, owning a house brings a sense of stability, security, and control over your home. You can modify the house to your liking, with full rights to make structural changes and upgrades, something that you cannot do when renting. Ownership also provides a sense of security, knowing that you won't be asked to vacate and forced to look for alternative rental options that might prove more expensive than your current arrangement.


In conclusion, paying EMI for a house is a wise investment decision, rather than paying rent, which is a never-ending expense. It provides long-term financial benefits such as tax savings, long-term appreciation, and stability. Moreover, owning a house gives a sense of security, making you feel more at home and in control. Investing in a house is one of the most significant decisions one can make, and paying EMI can help you make your dream of owning a house come true.

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