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Why You Should Buy a California king platform bed frame | WiseIntro Portfolio

Why You Should Buy a California king platform bed frame

The California King bed is the biggest available bed size worldwide. The bed is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long; therefore, the bed is long and narrow. The bed has its history dated back to the 1950s, purposefully made for celebrities in California who sought to give their bedrooms a sense of luxuriousness and a classy vibe. Most stars lived in mansions thus had humungous master bedrooms that needed enormous beds to occupy most of the space. Therefore, the beds became popular in California; they became and are still a sensation in the market. Due to its popularity in California, it was dubbed the 'California King bed. 'Having a California king bed with a platform frame proves not only essential but also stylish. Read more at https://platformbedexpert.com/best-king-size-platform-bed-reviews/
The following are reasons to purchase a California king platform bed.

1. A Statement of luxury

The bed has a unique size; therefore, it gives a feel of extravagance. It also furthers an element of comfort and luxury. Besides, the bed allows multiple styles to improve the décor of the room, as numerous pillows efficiently decorate the bed. The cushions have pillowcases made in different designs which upgrade the view of the bed and the room.

2. Suitable for long and narrow rooms.

The California King bed has a compact shape that allows one to move quickly around rectangular rooms. The rectangular rooms are long enough to accommodate the length of the bed. The bed in an ideal setting leaves at least two feet of space for movement on the sides of the bed.

3. A significant weight capacity limit.

The California king bed is an excellent choice for couples as they have a high weight capacity limit. Their foundations support a maximum weight limit capacity of 1000 pounds. The weight evenly distributes across the bed frame. It will, therefore, offer support for two people efficiently. Besides, as it is a platform bed, it eliminates the need for a spring box as it provides the support needed. Due to its high weight capacity limit, it is suitable for overweight individuals.

4. Availability of storage units.

California king bed occupies much space; therefore, eliminating furniture pieces would be a perfect solution to declutter the room. A California king bed with storage would be an ideal choice in such a circumstance. The bed features storage designs that may be either sliding, drawer, or lifting storage units. The drawer storage platform bed consists of a bed with roll-out drawers at the base of the bed, thus able to open and close flexibly. The sliding storage platform bed consists of one or two large storage drawers that can flexibly and smoothly slide in and out. This type of bed has numerous sliding drawers that allow more stuff to be stored. The lift storage bed is a styled ottoman bed where one must lift the entire top of the bed to display the ample storage space at the bottom. It is ideal for the storage of items that are not used often or needed much.

5. The ease of its mobility.

The bed is long and narrow, thus suitable to move in hallways, stairways, and doorways as most of them are too narrow for other beds to pass through. It also requires a little workforce to move around as I may need two or three people to move it to the desired areas carefully.

6. Protection of sleeping material.

The California king platform bed can have either a slat support system or a solid support system. The slat support system can be either wooden or metal: wooden slats and lattice structures. Such structures promote the proper aeration of a mattress, for it has storage unit space beneath it and slats. The slats will enable the mattress to be continuously aerated, thus maintaining it from mildew and mould. The solid support surface assures individuals of a sound night's sleep as it enables one to maintain a good sleeping posture. Also, find out more king size platform bed at our website: https://platformbedexpert.com

7. No need for spring boxes.

The platform beds have a slat support system that provides maximum support. This support eliminates the need for spring boxes. The California king platform bed thus proves to be budget-friendly and economical.

8. Ability to incorporate a headboard.

Having a California King Platform Bed assists one greatly when coming up with their own desired design style and features. Individuals can achieve an aesthetic and sleek effect on a room as they require headboards, which are of varieties, hence results in an attractive presentation of the bedroom. An individual, therefore, has an array of materials to choose from to customize their rooms as they deem fit. They are incorporating a headboard to assist in effectively designing the room. Wooden, upholstered and metal headboards can be attached to a California king bed frame.
Wooden headboards are adaptable and can be painted, or combined either metal to create a desired look or outcome. Metal headboard crafting is mainly from iron. Other materials used include aluminium, steel, brass, and copper. Metal creates open designs that help to come up with an illusion of space in small rooms. Metal also allows individuals to design modern and antique looks.
The upholstered headboards give an element of elegance and glamour to a room. These headboards employ fabrics such as microfiber, linen, or velvet. They may also be jewelled and tufted to add luxurious details—tufting results in a padded headboard, which makes a great source of support when leaning against it.


A California king platform bed elevates a room tremendously. It allows room decoration to be elegant with simplistic features. The bed brings out the relaxation and a touch of class due to its large size. It, however, needs to be differentiated from King size beds to acquire the right bed. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the difference between their measurements. A king-size bed is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long while a California king bed gauges 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. Therefore, the difference of their measurements will much guide individuals to acquire the desired California king platform bed. Read more here: https://gab.com/platformbedexpert/posts/105689685682786569

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