Working of a Pomodoro Timer
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Working of a Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro technique, sometimes referred to as the tomato timer technique or simply the 25-minute timer technique, is a well-liked time management technique that divides your work time into 25-minute blocks for maximum focus and productivity, with 5 minutes of rest in between each session.

Francesco Cirillo invented this pomodoro timer technique in the late 1980s, as a result of a normal cooking alarm that goes off after 25 minutes. The name itself was inspired by the kitchen alarm that he used to time himself that was shaped like a Pomodoro, which means tomato in the Italian language. Since then, this technique has gained recognition as a time management technique that helps in promoting focus and minimizes distractions.

How Does This Technique Work?

The Pomodoro timer technique usually works in five steps. Let’s take a look at the steps in detail below.

Determining the Task:

Decide the task that you must do within a specific time limit. Write down every task that you have for the day. It is better to list them down in order of priority first, then break them down into pomodoros or 25-minute segments.

Set the Timer:

Set the timer for 25 minutes, neither more nor less. There is something amazing about a time frame of 25 minutes. Both the length and the duration are just right, neither is too lengthy or too short to prevent you from making any significant progress. Even though 25 minutes may seem random, it has endured the test of time.


Give whole attention to your task and focus on it continuously, till the timer expires and the alarm goes off. Make sure not to have cell phones in your work area, as they will bring a lot of distractions. A Pomodoro timer is the best option that would serve as a constant visual reminder about how much time is remaining in the current block.

Short Break:

Take a quick and short break of 5 minutes, which also indicates the end of a Pomodoro or 25-minute period. These breaks are crucial for your mind to replenish from the previous pomodoro and to gear up for the future one.

Long Break:

Depending on your schedule, take a lengthy break for every four pomodoros of at least twenty minutes. Make use of these opportunities to eat, read, or simply take a power nap. You need these breaks to refresh and get ready for the next round of pomodoros.

Repeat the steps until you have completed all of your tasks. Because of the availability of short and long breaks, this technique not only ensures effective completion but also provides maximum focus without burning out.


One of the best and most effective ways to achieve your goals is to manage time wisely and be focused on your work. By using this technique, you can be able to complete your tasks easily by avoiding outside distractions, which results in achieving success quickly.

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