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Founder at Ur IndianConsumer ® | WiseIntro Portfolio


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ZIDD is the one common thing found in all successful people.

This motivational ideology and apparel brand is a result of an unique contest held on the youtube channel 'UIC Vlogs' in which the most unique comment with an interesting hash tag was selected.It was won by Mr.Divy Prakash Mishra ( @dpm_vipul ) who commented 'Ummid Nahi Zidd Honi Chaiye !'

On 31st July 2017 a video with the title 'Friends Cafe' was launched on the youtube channel 'UIC Vlogs' which featured the first ever Tshirt with the Title #ZIDD . The Tshirt campaign was launched on the website 'My Dream Store' .
This was the beginning of the peoples brand which today is known as the best dose of motivation called as 'ZIDD™'.

The Tshirt campaign was followed by a weight loss and body transformation journey by the host of the channel 'Prasad Vedpathak'. He reduced an astounding 20kgs and reduced from 93kg to 73kgs in a matter of 6 months.On 22nd January 2018 the Logo of our clothing brand 'ZIDD™' was launched in the youtube video 'Launching my new brand' on the youtube channel 'UIC Vlogs'.

ZIDD™ till date has touched several hearts and has imprinted a deep sense of pride and ultimate motivation which has resulted many people to transform their lifes entirely.

Ummid nahi #ZIDD honi chaiye !
Since - July 2017

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