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I am a seasoned expert in my field, with several years experience behind me. I have a proven success record, with focus on strategic projects and helping to build successful, effective teams that are motivated and goal-oriented.
It starts with the Leadership of the team, the CEO! If the CEO is in the right space and frame of mind then it can filter down into the business.
When we start working togetherI work from the top down, it starts with leadership and the executive team.

We often categorize businesses supported either the dimensions of their revenue or the number of individuals they employ. Strangely for a few businesses, this is like twiddling my thumbs business growth.

Which business should be watching business growth?
All business, regardless of how big or small, should continuously be considering their business growth. The stage of the business lifecycle, trends within the industry, technology and a company’s desire for equity value creation are all functions of business growth. Start-ups usually got to grow to position themselves within the market and canopy their costs, ensuring they generate enough profit to be sustainable. Whereas a mature company might not get to grow as fast as a start-up. Mature, successful companies which reach the purpose for expansion and need to seem at additional ways to get more profit require business growth.

As a Business Growth Professional, I work with business executives and business owners offering business growth support by following an easy 4 step process.

Step 1 - Business Evaluation
This process is around dissecting the business, understanding what stage the business is in. Defining where the corporate has come from and where can we want it to travel. This process allows us to pick the proper growth strategy.

Step 2 - Business Growth Strategy
Together with the core members of the business, I will be able to work on a revised business strategy, defining the metrics of measuring business growth success and defining opportunities to reposition the corporate for growth, either within the present market space or within new markets. This process doesn't necessarily mean physically expanding your footprint into new markets, but it's going to be a mixture of re-evaluating your product and customer mix.

Step 3 - Business Execution
Actions speak louder than words. Once the strategy is accepted and therefore the various tasks delegated to members of the team, my role is going to be to oversee the implementation. My hands-on approach will offer support, make sure that action is taken, and results achieved.

Step 4 - Celebrating Success.
As is that the case with any milestone achieved once you begin seeing the result, we celebrate and start again.

My strengths are my ability to motivate you and your team to be innovative, to think differently than deliver operational excellence. I’m not your typical executive business “coach”, I instead position myself as an implementor, your change manager and your ladder to enhanced business success.

I have worked in large and little organisations, and that I can confidently say that the challenges business executives and business owners face are nearly always an equivalent. the issues could seem more significant to larger businesses. However, we are all skinning an equivalent cat. We all need customers, we all need revenue, we all need profits and that we all need motivated teams to assist us achieve these goals.

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