WiseIntro is a one-page website that we’ve created especially for you! And you can get it live in seconds - just hit Publish!

    How to edit and publish your WiseIntro page

  • Can I edit my WiseIntro page?

    Yes! If you’re in Edit mode, you can edit your details on the left.

  • How do I add or remove contact details?

    On the left, under Your contact details, click More options and delete your number or other details you want to remove.

  • I don’t see a “save” button. How do I know my changes are being saved?

    We made your WiseIntro as easy to use as possible! Changes are saved automatically as soon as you make them as you can see at the top of the screen as shown here. The changes you make won’t go live until you click “Publish changes”.

  • I can’t seem to select the options that have the word “PRO” etched over them. How can I use these options?

    By becoming a Premium user, for only $7 a month, you will be able to select and use any of the customizable options such as video backgrounds, claim a domain, remove branding, and much more!

  • I want to upload a social icon that is not on your list. How can I add it?

    As a premium user you can add any social icon you would like! Premium users can also choose from video backgrounds, claim a domain, and remove branding. Click here to upgrade now!

  • Why is there a WiseStamp promotion link at the bottom of my page? How can I get rid of it?

    The promotion is what helps us keep WiseIntro free of charge for you and allows us to keep on developing and adding more functionality. We understand the inconvenience, but if you find WiseIntro useful you can always go Premium. This will remove the promotion as well as provide more customization options like video backgrounds and the ability to claim your domain!

  • How do I get it live?

    Easy - just click Publish (at the top of the page). Boom! You have yourself a personal, branded website!

  • After publishing your WiseInto page

  • How and where is my webpage visible to others?

    Your WiseIntro page has its own URL. Once you publish your page you will see this pop-up which contains your webpage address. Right from there you can add your WiseIntro page to your WiseStamp email signature, or share it on your social media profiles. Your WiseIntro page will also be visible in search engines such as Google.

  • When someone leaves a message on my WiseIntro page, where does the message go?

    Your WiseIntro page is a great way to collect leads and drive people to interact with you! When someone visits your WiseIntro page and chooses to leave you a message, you will receive the notification to your email. You can change the email address they are sent to on the left hand side as shown here.

  • How can I change the URL of my WiseIntro Page?

    You can change the URL of your WiseIntro page by going to Settings >> Change WiseIntro name (URL) as seen here. The screen will grey out and you will be able to change your name as seen here.

  • I published my page, but I don’t want it anymore - what do I do?

    No prob, just click on Settings (the gear icon in the top right corner), and toggle Webpage is published to the left.

  • Premium user

  • I already have a WiseStamp Pro subscription, is this included?

    It’s great to see you are a Premium user of WiseStamp! While the WiseIntro Premium isn’t included, as a Pro user, you can get WiseIntro Premium for a considerable discount (add a link if relevant / contact us if not)

  • After you’ve fallen in love with your WiseStamp page

  • I want to give feedback - where can I do it?

    Great! We want to hear from you too! We’ve set up a survey especially for this purpose, and you can also join our closed Facebook group where you can interact with us and other WiseIntro users.