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Did you ever notice that feeling when you are jumping on a jumping castle and you are suspended briefly at the top of your jump. That feeling can be addictive and so many have been seen to keep on jumping for hours. If you jump for that long you might want to consider buying a jumping castle.
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Here I will share with you some fun facts about jumping castles, like those we provide here at The Fun Jumping Caslte Team!
They were invented more than 60 years ago! learn more

This year marks the 61st anniversary of the primary inflatable structure, which was designed in 1959 by an engineer, John Scurlock in Louisiana, USA. John actually came across his invention when he was creating an infallible project and saw his children enjoying jumping thereon . From there, he designed a variety of inflatable structures including inflatable domes, inflatable tents, inflatable signs and safety air cushions.
Inflatables have many other names.
Although we here in South Africa know them best as ‘jumping castles’ they need many other names. Consistent with Wikipedia, they will even be called closed (crunch)inflatable trampolines (CITs), bouncy houses, bouncies, bounce houses, bouncy castles, astrojumps, moon bounces, spacewalks, boingalows, moonwalks, jolly jumps, or jumpers. I feel we’ll stick with ‘jumping castles’ thanks!
They are not only castles.

The name jumping castle may be a broad term to describe these inflatable structures, but today, there are many designs available beyond castles designs – just check out our range for example!
Some are designed for play and games.
Today, there are inflatable structures that are designed to permit far more than simply jumping. you will get all kinds of inflatables now; super slides, obstacle challenges, obstacle courses, bungy fun runs, water slides are just a few that we've here at The Fun Team. But, I’ve also seen boxing rings, tug of war and other interactive games.
There is no denying that jumping castlesare incredible fun and convey tons of joy to children of all ages. But did you recognize , they had not need been around for 60 years and have many various names! Moreover, jumping castles aren't just castles! they will are available a variety of styles and a few aren't even designed specifically for jumping – they will be designed for interactive games also.

If you (or your child) love jumping castles the maximum amount as we do, you would like to rent one for birthday celebrations or any other event you suggest. To rent a jumping castle in Roodepoort, look no further than The link Gladiator Team. We've got top jumping castles from as little as R650 per half-day for hire, so you are bound to find one to satisfy your needs and budget.

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