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Lux Tents

Luxury Tent Designer

I’ve been working in my field for several years. I am passionate about what I do, and it shows in my work and proven track record. Want to learn more? Follow me on my social channels, or contact me directly - I’d love to hear from you!

Consider annual local weather reports and particularly check for wind. Exposed open areas just like the middle of a field is not an honest idea to create a Luxury tent house. A protected area is best to line up the tent platform. Because the canvas will behave remarkably like a sail within the wind it is best to avoid windy locations. Canvas tents that flap weakens over time and can eventually tear.

Top Tip for a Luxury Airbnb tent house.

What is the tent sleeping capacity? What size group will you permit in your Airbnb tent? Will you permit families to book your luxury tent house?

When unsure always buy a rather bigger tent.
If you absolutely must build your luxury tent during a windy spot, reduce extensions like an extended fly. attempt to keep the structure as streamlined as possible. If the wind blows only at certain times of the year, consider semi-permanent canvas add ons.

A strong tent platform is important. the inspiration allows your tent house to face strong. With a robust on no wavering base, we will then design a top-notch luxury tent house on top. As living in your canvas requires precision planning, you are in luck. we will assist you select the right size and found out for your location.

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