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This was the primary time the young Springbokhad strayed from his mother’s side. He stood chewing at new roots near a thorn bush. He heard the whisper of a sound, an imperceptible movement. He turned his head and investigated the shadows of the thorn bush. He knew it had been too late therein blink of an eye that his eyes made contact with the lioness and she or he pounced.
The lioness gripped the nice and cozy buck in her powerful jaw, dragging it back to the shadows of the thorn bush where her three cubs waited eagerly for his or her first real meal. She was pleased that this feast would be tasty and tender. Now that they were three-months-old, it had been time to start out teaching them the ways of the bush. From her, they might learn life skills and the way to become accomplished at hunting before venturing out on their own.

The pleasure she felt at watching her young devour the meat was tainted with fear – fear for his or her survival due to indiscriminate and brutal poaching during this northern region of the Kruger park (KNP) bordering Mozambique. Their two-legged enemies were hunting them right down to harvest body parts to feed an insatiable Asian demand for luxury products. aside from lion teeth and claws, there was an ever-increasing demand for bones to form an exclusive lion bone wine, much in demand by an upwardly mobile Asian market.
As the lioness pondered the delicate future facing her cubs, little did she know that her species was under the spotlight of untamed and Free Foundation (WFF). The founders of this non-profit organization are working tirelessly with the chiefs and elders of human settlements bordering the KNP to supply an alternate solution within the ongoing war against poaching.
The war against the African lion is real. The decimation of this species, the king of the jungle, has placed the lion on the species list. The lion population has dwindled by 43% over the past 20 years and their hunting grounds and loss of habitat have shrunk by 75% since 1970.
Watching this real-life horror show unfold before their eyes, WFF adopted a singular and innovative decide to stop poaching in its tracks. along side community chiefs and elders, they started the rhino Cup Champions League (RCCL) that gives soccer players a prize purse. This cash incentive is changing the lives of impoverished villagers and offers a viable alternative solution to the attractions of poaching.
WFF has tapped into the eagerness of a nation for the sport of soccer and is making significant inroads into poaching prevention. The kids in villages bordering the KNP not sit idle and bored. just like the lion, they now too have a way of pride in their lives. They wear designer team jerseys, sponsored by Kit and Bone, they participate in 56 matches spread across the soccer season, they need become the idols of the smaller children within the village, and that they have found differently during which to earn money – how that doesn't harm others.
WFF continues its fight to preserve the cycle of lifetime of Africa’s wildlife and continues its campaign to boost funds to safeguard the lives of magnificent animals, just like the lion, from extinction.
The lioness watches her cubs tear at the meat, their tummies filling with food. Her two female cubs will remain with the pride, but she fears for the young male cub. She knows he will leave the pride or be chased off by the older males when he's about two-years-old. He will need to form a replacement group together with his cousins if he's to survive. He will need to use every single one among his life skills to evade internet of poachers. The lioness knows how tough life is for a young lion.

All non-profits rely on many different sources for their income, and funds can come from individuals, foundations, companies or local governments. Some non-profits charge a fee for certain kinds of interactions, and some sell packed goods or services to generate revenue.

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